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RA Chronosphere Effect

He who controls the past, commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past...

In 1946, Albert Einstein used his Chronosphere device to go back in time and prevent the horrors of the Second World War. His intentions disrupted the balance of world powers, leaving the Soviet Union to realize Joseph Stalin's dreams: a communist union stretching from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. The free Allied Nations rallied against the Soviet war machine. Fantastical weapons are unleashed from both sides. Who shall be victorious in this brave new world? Only time will tell...

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The Second World War or World War II was a major armed conflict, triggered when the Soviet Union begun a campaign of aggression to realise Joseph Stalin's dream: a Communist Union stretching from the coast of Atlantic Ocean to the coast of the Pacific. Opposing them were the Allied Forces, a military alliance established to resist Soviet aggression against any first world powers and uphold the ideals defined in the World Association of Nations charter. Thanks to the superior skill of the Allied commanders, the Soviet invasion was halted and the tide turned in favor of the Allies. Despite a desperate defense, the Soviet war machine was broken and Moscow was taken by the Allies.


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