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Red Crush is a Commander's Challenge mission in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising. It's Oleg Vodnik who gets to defeat the Futuretech Commander and he wants the Grinder for his captured Soviet arsenal. This unlocks a grinder from the company, Konstruktsiya Korovova in Georgia, USSR. This is the forty-fifth mission after High Seas Duel and before The Motherland.


FutureTech sends their highly dedicated Commander of forty-four victories to India, investigating that Oleg Vodnik is trying to keep the paces marching with his Grinder vehicles. The CPO of FutureTech believes in the mission briefing that a construction accident is located here in that complex. The stuffed-up steamroller of the Soviets had resulted in several million rubles' worth of property damage, at least thirty-seven injuries and eight deaths.

The Futuretech Commander sent his forces across both land and sea including the air to attack Oleg's forces. They were defeated and Oleg Vodnik was left devastated by his loss of the vehicle that once made the accident which claimed at least eight deaths and thirty-seven injuries. The Soviets' final resistance movements have been found in at least three countries: the Soviet Union, South Africa and Madagascar.

Briefing Information[]


  • The name of this mission is a reference to "Nod Crush", a song from Tiberian Sun.
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