Red Storm campaign

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Red Storm
Previous African Warlords
Part of Third World War
Date(s) 1972
Location Northern Europe
Soviet bases in northern Europe destroyed
Destroy the Soviet bases
Destroy the Allied bases
Full Allied arsenal
Full Soviet arsenal
RA2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cooperative missions of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.
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Players choose among the American and European Allies to fight the Russians in the North Sea and across Northern Europe. The campaign ends with a spectacular naval battle in the cold Baltic sea. Difficulty is HARD.
- Campaign briefing

This is the fifth and final cooperative campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Mission 1

Destroy the Russian fleets and naval bases in the North Sea.
- Mission briefing

North Sea: While the Soviet army was busy crushing American resistance on the Eastern Seaboard, the Soviet Navy fought a bloody battle to cross the North Atlantic and deliver supplies and reinforcements to their troops. The first battles were fought on tiny islands in the North Sea where combined Allied forces attempted to hold back the Soviet battle groups and destroy any bases the Soviets managed to build.
- Commander's Log

Mission 2

The Soviets have invaded Norway. We must save this ally from Soviet dominion.
- Mission briefing

Norway: The initial Allied success prompted an immediate and brutal response from the Soviets. Threatened by superior Allied naval forces, the Soviets invaded the neutral countries of Sweden and Norway to lay claim to the warm water ports that would allow them to build large fleets and strike anywhere along the northern coast of Europe. The Allies gathered their best commanders and with only a handful of forces, sent them into Norway to hold back the Soviet horde.
- Commander's Log

Mission 3

A secret Soviet base has been discovered in the British Isles. Destroy it before it is too late.
- Mission briefing

British Isles: As the Soviets became more desperate to deliver war materials to their failing armies in America, they began to try more devious means of breaking the Allied blockade in the North Atlantic. In the 3rd month of the war, a small Soviet force made a secret landing in northern Britain and set up a base. By the time the Allies discovered the Soviet presence, it was nearly too late.
- Commander's Log

Mission 4

The Soviets have swept into Germany. Stop their advance and destroy their forces.
- Mission briefing

Germany: As the war entered its 4th month the Allies grew bold and began major attacks into Poland from Austria, striking against Soviet bases and liberating thousands of Polish civilians. The Soviets responded quickly with three armored divisions that swept into eastern Germany, cutting off the Allied attackers. The battle quickly degenerated into a chaotic base versus base duel, with the outcome sure to change the course of the war in Europe.
- Commander's Log

Mission 5

Victory is close at hand, destroy the Soviet naval bases in the Baltic to end the war for the North Atlantic.
- Mission briefing

Northern Baltic Sea: Victory after victory had brought the Allies into the Northern Baltic where they hoped to destroy the Soviet naval bases that continually reinforced the Soviet North Atlantic fleet. The Allies were only able to spare a few forces from their blockade groups for the assault, leaving them outnumbered three to one in what they hoped would be the final battle of the North Atlantic campaign.
- Commander's Log


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