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Red Wings is the first Soviet mission of Red Alert Mobile.[1]

Mission briefing[]

  • Bronislav: Comrade, you are one of our last surviving commanding officers. So it is on you that we place the burden of reviving the injured spirit of our people.
  • Bronislav: The imperialist dogs have troops guarding one of our airfields. Recapture the station and launch a Kirov Strike on their base. It will be a signal for our troops nearby to deliver a strong strike on the invaders.
  • Natasha: General, aren’t you forgetting something?
  • Bronislav: Comrade, this is our most capable operative, Natasha! She will assist you in this task.
  • Natasha: Hello, Commander. I have heard some interesting things about you. We'll see how you handle yourself on the battlefield.
  • Bronislav: I'm sure the Commander is capable of holding his own, Natasha. Now, go forth, comrades - drive a spear through the heart of our enemies!



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