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The Redeemer Engineering Facility is a Nod structure used to build and prepare the Redeemer walker for combat, additionally doubling as a War Factory.


Equipped with the needed resources and advanced technical staff to build the Epic Unit, this Facility is also large enough to contain the sheer size of the Walker which is at least twice the size of the Avatar Warmech. It's design is based on the Nod Pyramid, which was previously the command center of choice for the Brotherhood of Nod.


The Redeemer Engineering Facility is constructed only with a Construction yard and not a Crane. It is unlocked once the Tech lab is successfully built. There are no support powers or upgrades provided by this structure, though.

Role in Global Conquest

In Global Conquest mode, the Redeemer Engineering Facility is a strategic structure built by Nod that allows the construction of strike forces that make use of Redeemer Walkers. Unlike many of the other strategic structures, it does have physical presence at a base when players use the Real Time function during the battle-phase.



In MARV Rising, the first mission it was deployed, the Redeemer Engineering Facility costs 9000 credits and 30 power, three times its regular price and power usage.

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