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Redemption was a support power used by Nod commanders during the Third Tiberium War.


After the defeat of CABAL, most of Nod wished to have nothing more to do with cyborgs. The Black Hand, in particular, chose to eschew virtually any association with them, and the hulking, robotic form of the Purifier Warmech caused controversy after its introduction in spite of its human pilot.

Kane, however, continued to see the merit in CABAL and its army. He developed a new AI, LEGION (though with measures to ensure its loyalty, of course), and ordered his scientists to continue research on cybernetic technology, but to also keep it a secret from most Nod troops.

The results of this endeavor created the Marked of Kane, a elite group of stone-cold cybernetic soldiers who would unquestioningly fight to the bitter end while wreaking great havoc amongst their enemies. Most Nod commanders who had survived CABAL's purge continued to distrust cyborgs, however, and so only deployed cyborgs in the barest amounts, and only when necessary - through the Redemption power.

Game Effect[]

Any friendly Militant-type squad who is killed within the Redemption power's radius while it is active will be reawakened and reanimated into a squad of Awakened cyborgs. Their manner of death is inconsequential to the power's function - meaning that even squads killed by Tiberium will return to the living as long as the power is still in effect. However, Militant squads killed while garrisoned will not return to life, regardless of whether or not they were within the support power's active radius.

The Redemption support power is only available to the baseline Nod faction; the Black Hand heavily distrust cyborgs, and the Marked of Kane can naturally train the Awakened from their barracks, and thus have little need for it.

It is worth noting that Awakened cyborgs created through this ability cannot be garrisoned inside the Redeemer.


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