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Stick with me, Commander, and we will lead GDI to a brave new future.
- Redmond Boyle

Redmond Boyle was the acting director of the Global Defense Initiative during the Third Tiberium War.

Boyle assumed authority after the GDSS Philadelphia was obliterated in a nuclear missile strike, having served as GDI's Director of the Treasury beforehand. As a leader, he was predominantly concerned with maintaining his image of a responsible and highly competent GDI leader while attempting to exert control over the actions of GDI commanders, including General Jack Granger.


Boyle's incompetence and corruption were the reasons for which Kane decided to use him as a pawn. He arranged for Boyle to be delayed back on Earth while the rest of GDI command was on board the Philadelphia. Nod's AI LEGION launched a stealth assault on the GDI Treasury building, ensuring that Boyle would be on the ground in time to become acting Director.[2]

Third Tiberium War

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that GDI will prevail. We will have the will, the resources, and most importantly support of the people. The public wants payback - an eye for an eye, and that's exactly what we're going to give them.
- Director Boyle in an interview with William Frank(src)

One of Boyle's many press conferences

Boyle was interested in a propaganda war, encouraging commanders to partake in potentially foolhardy missions simply to gain symbolic victories over Nod. In particular, GDI operations in Eastern Europe were his idea. His obvious lack of wartime experience was noted by conflict analysts as "a cause for concern". Ignoring General Granger, Boyle ordered the use of the Ion Cannon on Nod's Temple Prime in Sarajevo, an event which led to the Liquid Tiberium explosion that destroyed Eastern Europe and alerted the Scrin to Earth.

Upon the Scrin's arrival, Boyle ordered all the Ion Cannons in the southern hemisphere to fire on the alien ships, dispersing drone ships throughout the Earth's Red Zones. During the invasion, Boyle fled to a GDI bunker in Reykjavik, which allowed the GDI military to plan the defence of New Eden without interference.[3]

In the final stages of the war, Boyle secretly commissioned the development of a Liquid Tiberium Bomb by GDI scientists, based on captured Nod technology and authorised the GDI Commander to use it against the Scrin and Nod in the final battle for the Relay Node at Ground Zero.[4]


Boyle's fate is determined by the Commander's (player's) choice in the final GDI mission:

  • If the Commander refuses to use the Liquid Tiberium bomb, Boyle will be forced to resign his position to avoid being charged with war crimes for authorizing the use of the weapon.
  • If the Commander uses the Liquid Tiberium bomb, Boyle will retain his position and laud the Commander as a hero (protecting the Commander from being court-martialled by General Granger in the bargain). After Granger retires (to spend more time with his family), Boyle promotes the Commander to Granger's post as head of the GDI military, telling the Commander to stick with him and "lead GDI into a brave new future".

Behind the scenes

Boyle is portrayed by Billy Dee Williams, known for his role as Lando Calrissian from the Star Wars franchise, as well as Harvey Dent/Two-Face in Tim Burton's 1989 film Batman.



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