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Soviet Refinery
Affiliation Soviet Union
Role Resource sturcture
Tier 1
Hit points Medium
Transport slots 1
Cost 2000
Build time 00:20
Produced by Construction yard
Power -50
Abilities Brings out a Soviet Ore Collector.

The Refinery (Red Alert iPhone Soviet) is the structure that is used by an up-and-coming Soviet Commander to use it, despite alternative measures from both Romanov and Bronislav over the new Ore Collector and an old War Miner from last time.


When the Allies used their Prospectors, the Soviet Union banned the use of their Ore gatherers in Russia until the 1980s. The Refinery is used to collect tons of ore and the appearance of this structure changed within Romanov's eyes. With the Commander's help by both Bronislav and Natasha to defeat capitalism, the Refinery could actually appear without an Ore gatherer. One thing was to use an Engineer to capture an Armor Facility and send out a Prospector to do the work altogether.


The Refinery was resurfaced into an Ore Refinery after Cherdenko's Time Machine success. Now the Prospectors and Ore Collectors are now collected from the building, even the Soviets proved happy to have an Ore gatherer since Romanov's controversy with banning Ore gatherers for the Soviet Union.

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