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Backstories - Global Defense Initiative
The Global Defense Initiative: The Battle for Credibility

Today considered humanity's best hope against Nod aggression worldwide, the GDI boasts a rich history of hard-won battles -- and not all of them have been fought with missiles and machine guns. Once shrouded in secrecy, dogged by rumor and suspicion, and denounced as the "silent fist" of the United Nations, the GDI might consider its finest triumph its victory over the forces of a classic foe: a bad reputation.


Originally dubbed "Group Echo/Black Ops 9," prior to 1966 the GDI functioned as a special-ops cell under the UN banner. Bearing the world's finest negotiators as well as soldiers, the GDI specialized in operations that fell outside the jurisdiction of standard UN forces: when the negotiating table was abandoned at UN headquarters and member countries threw open the arsenal doors, the GDI was often deployed to buttress that all-too-thin line that separates war and peace -- sometimes with diplomatic finesse, sometimes with firepower. On less dramatic fronts, the GDI prevented innumerable civil wars on the African subcontinent, helped foster noncommercial Western ties in the Middle East, and played a key stabilizing role in Eastern Europe during the Cold War.

Such sensitive missions require secrecy; however, the world press wasn't so understanding. The covert nature of GDI, crucial to so many facets of its operation, was portrayed in the press as surreptitious and subversive. In response, the UN unanimously voted to publicly announce the organization's existence on Oct. 12, 1995. The GDI was finally made official.


Legitimacy was another matter entirely. In many ways, the announcement would mark the start of the GDI's most ambitious campaign, a battle to be seen not as some shady, questionable spec-ops group gunning in global hotspots -- nor as the military muscle behind a one-world-government movement, as Nod insistently claims -- but as a fundamental force for good.


Ironically, Nod itself helped nurture GDI's fledgling image, as the UN-sponsored group -- with its legendary Dead-6 special forces group, headed up by the wise-cracking Nick "Havoc" Parker -- successfully fended off Nod aggression around the world well into the millennium. Thus today, the GDI is synonymous with UN military might -- and, more importantly, freedom and equality.

Havoc: From Hellraiser to Hero

Who'd have thought a rag-tag townie with a loud mouth and a chip the size of an Orca on his shoulder would come to play a starring role in saving the world? Nick "Havoc" Parker still laughs at the idea to this day -- usually when he's just planted a brick of C-4 in a Hand of Nod and is sneaking back to checkpoint Alpha.


Parker was that kid. The only child of a two exceedingly normal parents (mom was homemaker and full-fledged PTA member; dad a gruff, Allentown steelworker), the young Parker earned his nickname early on. Branded as "troubled" by school counselors and a "problem child" by neighbors who were worried about the Parker's proficiency at building small explosive devices, he was nonetheless revered by the town kids for bringing a little bang -- literally -- to the dying burg of Allentown. Parker's youth in Pennsylvania was a gritty collage of fistfights, explosions, after-school detentions, and wry one-liners as a way of coping with it all. Worrisome moms and other community do-gooders often said the "fool boy" would come to a bad end. They would have been right -- if the Marine Corps hadn't snatched him up first.

It was in the USMC that Havoc quickly learned to turn his "bad" qualities to his advantage; his gruff attitude and penchant for no-bull action seemed to work in his favor. Most publicly, he wound up heading a Special Forces unit in Operation Desert Storm as part of the USMC's recon team -- though that did mean flirting with dishonorable discharge on several occasions. Indeed, Havoc's "unconventional" methods, while effective enough, often proved a public relations nightmare for the Marine Corps.


The USMC was more than happy to pass him off to the newly formed Global Defense Initiative, where at least the organization's secrecy might work to Havoc's benefit. There, Havoc led the commando squad that would later gel into legend as the Dead-6, officially "killed" to make their covert ops run that much more smoothly.

But not as smoothly as Havoc, or GDI, would have liked. The drawn-out anti-Nod campaign in northern Egypt would eventually result in Havoc's dismissal from the Dead-6. Though no longer officially part of the elite group, Havoc is still a team member in spirit; his brash attitude and rough-handed, but effective, methods are credentials no one can take away.

The Green Machine: Dr. Mobius, Sydney and Tiberium
RenSite Mobius.gif

Dr. Ignatio Mobius has the rare of distinction of having risked his life more times than the average GDI commando -- and not because the German-born scientist ever set foot on the front lines. Rather, it's because the physicist, geneticist, and chemist is so preoccupied with the far-reaching scientific ramifications of his research that the good Dr. Mobius often forgets that he's dealing with lethal elements. And Tiberium -- the most lethal of them all -- might be considered Mobius' latest flame. Fascinated by the mysterious space-born element that can end life or enhance it, Mobius believes that Tiberium will change the world.

Hailed as a child prodigy, Mobius entered college at the ripe age of 11 and received a gentleman's education in Vienna and Paris before developing a love for "hard sciences" such as physics, chemistry and genetics. One of the key directors of the Human Genome Project, Mobius left the HGP amid controversy in the late 1980s to pursue research into the gene-altering powers of Tiberium. The decision led to widespread condemnation by the world scientific community and the stripping of his Nobel prize; but worst of all, it drew the attention of terrorist groups -- among them, Nod -- who saw Mobius as a valuable asset in the their bid for global domination.

RenSite Sydney.gif

In order to avoid public scrutiny, Mobius was forced to conduct his research underground, funded by private donors -- and protected by his main employer, the GDI. Although he's been officially censured by groups such as the influential Global Science Consortium, Mobius is nonetheless regarded in many circles as something of a renegade himself, even a sort of folk hero. Of course, it could matter less to Mobius, whose fascination with Tiberium -- and the controllable mutations it causes -- consumes his waking hours.

It's perhaps the one thing he has in common with his daughter, the beautiful but tough Sydney Mobius. The American-educated Sydney has a martial streak running through her, but she has kept it in check as she ministered to the victims of Nod's own outrageous genetic experiments with Tiberium. Although, it is because she has borne witness to the mineral's devastating effects, that she knows she can use it as a weapon -- a weapon against the organization that has perverted the very principles of science: Nod.

The Dead Six: When Might Makes Right

One died in a raid on a terrorist bomb-making lab in southern Chile. Another fell during a bloody conflict while gathering intel on rival Nigerian warlords. Another was assassinated by thugs in the Balkans. Another died in Turkey; another in Australia; another in Jordan.

They're the Dead-6, but they're anything but dead. Being "officially" killed off, however, was in the best interests of the GDI, which wanted these elite operatives -- ranging from that wise-cracking American Nick "Havoc" Parker to the cranky Scottish sniper Dariel "Deadeye" MacInnis -- for beyond-covert missions that would hardly benefit from public exposure. Hand-picked after the dissolution of UN peacekeeping forces, the Dead-6 were subsumed under the auspices of the GDI, locked in a high-stakes -- if not high-profile -- war against Nod.

It's hardly a social club, and back-pats and high-fives are as rare as mission snafus among this bunch. The Dead-6 is comprised of battle-hardened veterans whose skill in the theater of war seems to compensate for a trouble coping with real life.

RenSite Dead6.gif

Dariel "Deadeye" MacInnis, for instance, is a foul-mouthed Scot who spent many bitter years with the Special Air Service. Today, the expert marksman takes shots -- verbal and otherwise -- for the GDI. Nigel "Gunner" Grant is a rocket soldier who paid his dues in Southeast Asia hotspots -- and as a young punk on the streets of South London. Meanwhile, Shai Aviv, nicknamed "Hotwire" for her expertise with electronics hardware, grew up on even meaner streets -- those of Jerusalem, where witnessing daily acts of terror inspired a tight-lipped commitment to the GDI cause. Before joining GDI, Eric "Patch" Wulfe perfected his aim as a grenadier as a member of the renowned German counter-terrorist organization GS9. He finds that explosions -- and not his frequent failed attempts at humor -- seem to the he international language among this group.

Rounding out the Dead-6 are Havoc, and the slinky, stealthy Sakura Obata, the former Dead-6 member who once shared trench time with Havoc and now works for Nod as the personal bodyguard of Kane's second-in-command, General Gideon Raveshaw. While many Dead-6ers scorn the former Yakuza enforcer as a weak-willed traitor, Havoc can't help but wonder whether he can, in fact, bring Sakura back around to see things his way.

Backstories - Brotherhood of Nod
The Brotherhood of NOD: Bitter Living through Chemistry

Its origins are mysterious, its codes arcane, its membership fanatical. The Brotherhood of Nod -- the twisted paramilitary cult that has its hand in every criminal enterprise imaginable -- has existed in many forms over the years, but GDI intel operatives fear that Nod's latest incarnation may be its deadliest. Because Nod's mix of religious dogma and military muscle has been fortified with a new ingredient: Tiberium.

One might consider the unstable mutagen Tiberium to be a "saving grace" of sorts for Nod. Before the discovery of the element's mutagenic powers in the 1980s, Nod was considered by the United Nations to be simply a particularly insidious and well-organized terrorist group that had managed to spring up in the cracks of the Soviet Bloc, graduating from small-time thuggery to bribing government officials to trading arms across international borders.

However, high-level intel suggests that Nod is not in fact such a recent entity, and has possible ties to history's other "benign" one-world government movements such as the Illuminati and even apocryphal religious factions, such as the Gnostics, that flourished in the era before Christianity. Kane, of course, is quick to play up the connection, and couches the group's aims in talk about fellowship and peace through a one-world government. Naturally, much of this involves the expulsion of the world's vile "capitalist machinery." It was the fervor inspired by the commitment to that goal, as well as the development of Tiberium-harvesting technology by Nod scientists, that encouraged the recent, alarming spread of The Brotherhood of Nod throughout Europe and Southeast Asia.

While often rumored to have its central base somewhere on the African subcontinent, The Brotherhood of Nod is spread wide -- but not thin. Members are both soothed and inflamed by a creed of global revolution that leader Kane has refined over the years. Rumors even circulate that Kane himself is an Old Testament-era prophet who has bided his time until the right moment to strike. With the advent of Tiberium, Kane tells his followers that now is that time -- and the strike requires nothing less than the total destruction of GDI forces.

Kane: The Man, the Mystery, the Legend

Some believe it's no coincidence that the name Kane calls to mind Cain, the biblical figure who is often considered civilization's first murderer. While GDI intel can neither confirm nor deny the countless myths, legends and rumors about The Brotherhood of Nod's charismatic leader, the belief among Nod members persists that Kane is nothing less than a surviving figure from the biblical era who has been waiting for the right time to cleanse the world of the wicked, and usher in a new age of fellowship and prosperity - with the help of the mysterious element Tiberium.

Nothing is truly "known" about Kane; there is only shaky evidence and cautious speculation. In attempting to ferret out the source of Kane's masterful public speaking abilities and cunning military strategy, intelligence reports have only conflicting information, a morass of rumor, hypothesis and myth. Images in his likeness have been reported from vine-choked Mayan ruins to sand-filled Egyptian tombs; more recent reports place him variously at Exeter and MIT, West Point and Harvard. Skeptics write it all off as bogeyman lore; but no one can deny that, today, this bogeyman is very real indeed.

If his past is hazy, one thing about the present-day Kane is clear: his rise to power was alarmingly swift. Even the most die-hard skeptics admit that Kane's sudden, eerie emergence as leader of the Brotherhood of Nod-headquartered apparently nowhere, but with cells everywhere-far out strides his reputed pedigree as a power-broker who masterminded the rigged elections, political assassinations, countless puppet governments and vast black-market economies that sprang up like weeds in post-Cold War Europe.

Now, as leader of The Brotherhood of Nod, Kane has married megalomania and a messianic vision. Promising an apocalypse for the world's capitalist oppressors and an ensuing age of unity among all people, Kane has fashioned The Brotherhood of Nod into a force that isn't bound by mere borders, ethnicity, or history. Believers say that fact, more than anything, is the strongest testament to Kane's legitimacy as a true spiritual leader. And if Kane is indeed The Brotherhood's messiah, Tiberium is a sign that the real rapture is imminent.

With Friends Like These...: Sakura's Story

Lithe as a lynx and as inscrutable as a Zen riddle, Sakura Obata is a woman with complex motives, extensive skills and with a shady past to rival Kane's. Her latest job -- that of personal bodyguard to General Gideon Raveshaw -- might come as a surprise to those familiar with Sakura's prior stint for GDI's elite Dead-6 squad. If you were to ask Sakura herself, the martial artist, acrobat and assassin would likely cross her arms and fix you with an intense stare as if you were the one who had some explaining to do.

As with Kane, rumors must fill in where fact is lacking, and the most widespread one about Sakura concerns her upbringing in the strict, male-dominated environment of the Yakuza, where she learned the deadly trades that make her one of the world's most sought-after assassins. It was also where she learned to sell her loyalty to the highest bidder; and the highest bidder that finally lured her to the United States was the CIA, which was working with the GDI on a covert assignment that would have her sharing trench time with Havoc and other Dead 6-ers.

The mission: an ill-fated infiltration into a Nod Tiberium processing lab in Siwah, Egypt. It was only after planting the C-4 and watching the lab blossom into a orange ball of flame that Havoc and Sakura got some intel they should have had going in: a high-ranking Libyan official had been visiting the lab, and his death in the explosion sent already-sensitive Egypt-Libya relations reeling with accusations and counter-accusations of assassination plots and conspiracies. Havoc and Sakura were immediately relieved of their duties.

Months later, the GDI officials were left puzzling as Sakura re-emerged as a high-priced Nod bodyguard and assassin. Had her loyalty been bought by The Brotherhood, or had they owned it from the very beginning? Indeed, some say Sakura's apparent treason wasn't treason at all; some say that Sakura, in Nod's employ all along, had planned the Siwah fiasco in hopes permanently decommissioning The Brotherhood's biggest threat: Havoc.

Raveshaw's Crucible: Inside NOD's Black Hand

Every religion has its priesthood, and every military branch its elite. Consider Nod's Black Hand a blend of the two, where battle-bred initiates are inculcated into the religious mysteries that form the core of the Brotherhood's belief system. If this cult-inside-a-cult has its prophet, his name is General Gideon Raveshaw.

Cold, brooding, and speaking in religious maxims when he chooses to speak at all, Raveshaw is in many ways the opposite of Kane. Whereas Kane relishes the opportunity for public speaking and seems to actively seek evidence of faith in Nod members, Raveshaw is an unlikely leader. However, there's a charisma to his coldness, and his savagely brilliant mind make his inner circle the most fanatically loyal of all The Brotherhood.

Originally a mercenary strategist based in Africa, where he would sell his intelligence-gathering services to the highest-bidding warlord, Raveshaw was recruited by Kane to head Nod's specialist branch of spies and saboteurs in order to establish a hub of operations in Tunisia. Given a handful of Nod's best and brightest, Raveshaw undertook a campaign -- a mix of terrorist bombings, planted evidence and inflammatory propaganda against the ruling regime -- that resulted in a "people's revolution," i.e., the successful installation of a Nod puppet government.

Like Tiberium itself, Raveshaw exuded some unexpected side effects: he was quickly becoming a cult figure on his own terms. He was soon the unofficial head of the Nod's elite group, where his own style of Brotherhood gospel added yet another dimension to Nod's religious dogma. The official title of Black Hand was derived from a phrase attributed to Kane: "When we are crushing the black hearts of our oppressors, we will find our hands blackened. We cannot cultivate our garden without digging in the dirt." Thus the forces that make up the Black Hand specialize in Nod's "dirty work": assassinations, kidnappings, terrorist acts and other forms of sabotage. In the Black Hand, the code of behavior is rigid and unforgiving, and discipline is brutal; but every Brotherhood soldier dreams of being initiated into its ranks -- where Nod's most pure-hearted are more than happy to get their hands dirty.

Man Portable Ion Cannon

After much trial and error, the power behind GDI's most destructive weapon has now been harnessed into a portable, albeit moderately cumbersome design. The device works by periodically erecting a cylindrical top-mount that extracts 'excited' ion particles from the atmosphere, superheating the particles to 6000 degrees Fahrenheit in 2.3 seconds, then magnetically propelling the charged azure stream through the cannon's thick, stout barrel - with awesome lethality! When used in conjunction with other sophisticated GDI equipment, such as the Prototype Mobius Suit, the cannon helps make up a devastating offense package with demoralizing effects on the opposition - in essence, portable chaos.


This classic belt-fed, rapid-fire terror has since been upgraded by manufacturer Han Industries. Han modified the gas system and the bolt lock, enabling the AR7 chain gun to support the 7.62 NATO standard. In short, more bang for your buck.

Rocket Launcher

Formerly shunned for being unwieldy and high-maintenance, the rocket launcher hasn't been the same since a single addition: a permanent clip mechanism that quick-loads standard anti-tank rounds. Easy assembly and disassembly further increase this powerful weapon's appeal. In a nutshell, portable chaos.

Nuke Beacon

This small, cylindrical gadget is the means to more destruction than a thousand Obelisks of Light. Once deployed the unassuming beacon transmits its signal via an ultra-low frequency, triple-encrypted radio wave. This signal is received, deciphered and fed into any Nod command console found within range. The command console in turn initiates the firing sequence by running a final authentication, determining missile launch destination and releasing the safeties. Impact typically comes in 2-3 minutes, the result being a 25-megaton nuclear explosion that lays waste to any object within 10 miles. More than just an attention getter - a sinister and cruel device held over the heads of those who hold freedom dear.

Chem Sprayer

The newly developed Chem Sprayer is based on a non-combat model once used for spreading liquid fertilizer over Tiberium fields. The Chem Sprayer is capable of sending a spray of volatile Tiberium compound over a wide area, making it effective for use against massed troops. Hazardous materials suit definitely required.


Ideal for close combat with single foes, the pump shotgun is the weapon of choice for seasoned military types. This Vervack SDT-B "Vulture" model boasts a black synthetic stock and a rust-resistant finish to compliment the overall appearance.

Sniper Rifle

Optimized zoom capability make this rifle perfect for "softening up" base perimeters crawling with guards. A "high-listen" mic attachment allows snipers not only to see remote targets, but to hear them too, making this weapon a valuable intel-gathering device as well.


With a brick of C4 and a wry joke always at the ready, GDI Captain Nick 'Havoc' Parker is a soldier's soldier. He's a seasoned veteran of the GDI cause who prefers to work alone and take orders from no one. He likes big explosions and bending the rules, and his higher-ups at GDI have learned to tolerate Havoc's "unorthodox" methods. The quintessential maverick, he hasn't fully followed orders yet, which perhaps accounts for his stunning success rate. Not to say that Havoc is reckless. The wise-cracking vet is GDI's most loyal agent, and his name is whispered in barracks with admiration and awe. It's just that Parker prefers his own way of getting things done. He's proven and re-proven to his stiff-collared GDI bosses that the Havoc way is the right way -- with a punchline and a smoking skyline.

Dr. Mobius

Dr. Ignatio Mobius has the rare of distinction of having risked his life more times than the average GDI commando -- and not because the German-born scientist ever set foot on the front lines. Rather, it's because the physicist, geneticist, and chemist is so preoccupied with the far-reaching scientific ramifications of his research that the good Dr. Mobius often forgets that he's dealing with lethal elements. And Tiberium -- the most lethal of them all -- might be considered Mobius' latest flame. Fascinated by the mysterious space-born element that can end life or enhance it, Mobius believes that Tiberium will change the world.


Sharp-tongued and tough-minded Nigel Grant was a former Special Boat Service operative for the British. Don't dare mention crumpets and tea; this Afro-English lad's formative years were spent toughing it out on the streets and in the pubs of London's south side. After service as an elite solider in the U.K.'s SBS, Gunner joined up with the GDI and the legendary Dead-6 Commando Detachment as a rocket soldier. At 6'6" and 274 lbs., Gunner doesn't complain about the heavy lifting. In fact, he doesn't complain about anything; the often caustic Brit gets the job done with a steady hand and a cool head and saves the shop talk for the pub.

Rocket Soldier

Rocket Soldiers bring much needed frontline punch to the GDI war effort. Wielding the immense 'Locust' standard issue rocket launcher, these specialists can act in semi-mobile detached squads or take on a more defensive role, such as bunker sentries. With limited ammo and more sophisticated hardware, they need considerably more support in the field than the average trooper. However, when a Nod Flame Tank is wreaking havoc within your perimeter, there is no quicker or reliable method to disrupting the threat than slamming a few well-placed rocket slugs into her chassis.


Engineers play a crucial role in the GDI war effort. Enlisted right out of college, they are often deployed on the frontlines to perform particularly hazardous functions such as disarming explosives and sabotaging enemy structures. Without the burden of a machine gun or other heavy weapon, engineers are free to carry a full load of explosive devices. Perhaps their most important task is the repairing of friendly vehicles and structures with standard issue 'Gizmo' repair guns. Complex, expensive vehicles benefit greatly from this type of battlefield support. It is not uncommon to see legions of engineers trailing in the dusty wake of a rolling fleet of Mammoth tanks.

General Raveshaw

Every religion has its priesthood, and every military branch its elite. Consider Nod's Black Hand a blend of the two, where battle-bred initiates are inculcated into the religious mysteries that form the core of the Brotherhood's belief system. If this cult-inside-a-cult has its prophet, his name is General Gideon Raveshaw. Cold, brooding, and speaking in religious maxims when he chooses to speak at all, Raveshaw is in many ways the opposite of Kane. Whereas Kane relishes the opportunity for public speaking and seems to actively seek evidence of faith in Nod members, Raveshaw is an unlikely leader. However, there's a charisma to his coldness, and his savagely brilliant mind make his inner circle the most fanatically loyal of all The Brotherhood.


Stone-cold killer. No compunction. No mercy. No feelings. To Mendoza, killing is an art form, something he has taken to sublime levels. Killing for the Brotherhood is simply placing his cards with the winning team. When the dust and debris settle, Mendoza fully plans to be sitting comfortably. A former operator with an extremist wing of the Colombian separatist movement - the Sword of Chagall - Mendoza joined the Brotherhood of Nod when his methods became too bloody for even the most extreme extremists. Mendoza is Raveshaw's hatchet man. He is loyal to his master and the Brotherhood, unto death.


Sakura, like Havoc, places personal loyalty at a premium. She has a quiet, brooding, intense personality. She is also an accomplished martial artist, acrobat, and a master of stealth. Much about Sakura's past is speculative. It is rumored that she was raised in the harsh, male dominated environment of the Yakuza, a brutal criminal organization where failure was not an option. She supposedly grew disenchanted with the Yak, and eventually began to seek other arenas for her considerable talents. GDI hired her to work with their Project: Shadow Strike unit alongside Havoc. While on assignment she became separated from her team. A group of Nod soldiers ambushed her; Sakura was never seen again, and was presumed to have been killed in the firefight.

Stealth Soldier

Recently, Nod began experimenting around with their stealth technology in an attempt to scale it down even further. The end result of this research is the stealth soldier, a one-man stealth tank, in essence. The Stealth Soldiers are the most elite of Nod's cadres -- the most highly trained and talented members of Nod's army are taken from the ranks of soldiers and worked into this elite class of troops hand picked by Kane himself. To be a Stealth Soldier is to be like the wind, to be nothing more than a memory, a ghost, that lays down his C4 and then is gone. Or to sneak up behind a sniper who has gotten comfortable and put a laser right into the back of his head.

Chem Trooper

Nod Black Hand soldiers who undergo higher-level weapons training are often promoted to Chem-warriors, a veritable chemical war machine in infantry form. These soldiers wield V2 "Venom" model Chemical Distributors, which spray lethal streams of highly volatile Tiberium compound. The weapon is based on a non-combat model used to to spray Tiberium fields with fertilizing chemicals. Deadly misuse of this model in the Tiberium fields inspired Nod scientists to modify the sprayer for combat use.


An armor-plated behemoth designed to scoop up raw, volatile Tiberium, the harvester is slow and clumsy. However, its usefulness for steamrolling whole platoons of Nod soldiers is not to be underestimated. Hey, if you can't shoot 'em, squish 'em.


An aggressive attack vehicle refined by GDI engineers, the Hum-Vee is armed with a machine gun mount, making it perfect for routing infantry or taking out lightly armored targets. Its lack of armor makes it highly vulnerable to explosive weaponry, however, so "creative" driving may be required.


GDI's version of mobile devastation, this long-range attacker fires lethal 227mm rockets and is capable of systematically dismantling virtually any enemy unit, armored or not. However, with no short-range fighting ability, this somewhat unwieldy vehicle needs close-quarters backup for effective protection. If caught in a knife fight, the MRLS can be quickly overrun by enemy forces. Nevertheless, with adequate support and range to let loose its salvo of death, only a Mammoth Tank can equal the prolonged barrage deliverable by this critical platform in the fight against Nod.

Mammoth Tank

No machine on the battlefield inspires as much awe as the GDI Mammoth Tank. Twice the weight of a fully-loaded harvester, this tracked beast towers above nearly every ground unit, a factor that often acts more as a deterrent to war rather than an invitation. Employing 2 enormous 36" cannons powered by atomic generators, the Mammoth Tank shrugs off all but the mightiest assaults and delivers sustained onslaughts against both fortified and unarmored enemy forces. The only apparent drawback to the Mammoth design is its lack of speed, which allows infrequent overrunning by opponents of significant numbers. This limitation aside, there's always an extra twinkle in Havoc's eye when he spots a usable Mammoth Tank in the warzone.


This versatile all-terrain vehicle is as deadly as it is fast, boasting a machine gun turret for shoot-and-run tactics. To keep the buggy light on its wheels, it sports minimal armor, and is best used against infantry and other lightly armored targets.

Flame Tank

The sight of a platoon of Nod Flame Tanks cresting the horizon is enough to bring a moment of pause to even a seasoned GDI general. Although not as large or powerful as the Mammoth Tank, the Flamer brings enormous twin charged-plasma cannons to bear, spitting deadly flame capable of incinerating up to 8" thick armor plating. Soft targets, such as infantry and light vehicles stand no chance against the 16" guns, which tend to glow an eerie pale yellow after prolonged use. Limitations of the design include the fixed gun positions and extreme susceptibility to internal combustion. Either very brave or unbelievably suicidal, drivers of Flamers realize that every deployment into battle might be their last; one luck shot might very well result in a death-sentence inferno not unlike a mini nuke explosion.

Stealth Tank

One of the most devious weapons in the Nod arsenal, the Nod Stealth Tank allows their army to sneak up upon unsuspecting convoys. Once they have their prey surrounded, the tanks will destealth and rain down a barrage of rockets upon their prey. The origins of this technology are unknown, but even the crown jewel of Nod's army is not without its weak spot. Up close, the flaws in the stealth effect become apparent, but it is oftentimes too late to do any good to the stealth tank's victims.


This airborne carrier transports Nod supplies, vehicles and infantry to bases and hotspots throughout the world. Slow and unarmed, the C-130 can absorb a tremendous amount of damage and is the ideal platform for 'touch-n-go' dropoffs on short airfields. During multiplayer games, purchased Nod vehicles are delivered to the airstrip via lumbering C-130s - a most impressive sight!

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