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Patch 1.012 for Command & Conquer: Renegade was released in February 2002, as the game's first official patch.


New Key Assignment[]

  • 'Q' assigned to "Vehicle Gunner" toggle. This key adds the ability for each user to set whether or not they allow someone else to be the gunner of their vehicle. For this new key configuration setting to work you must erase the CONFIG directory under the DATA directory and restart the game.


  • REMINDER!!! The (F6) function key is assigned to the Quicksave function.
  • Bug: Fixed where you could delete level files from the load game menu.


  • Multiplayer balance tweaking.
  • Improved Obelisk targeting.
  • Added GameSpy support.
  • Added new "version mismatch error" display when trying to join a game server with a different version via GameSpy.
  • Bug: Fixed the price of a Beacon being doubled in certain circumstances. The price will never be doubled.
  • Bug: Fixed the first person hands of a non-stealth soldier appearing to be stealthed under certain circumstances.
  • Bug: Fixed cost doubling not reflected properly when power plant is destroyed, after quitting and restarting a game.
  • Bug: Fixed the case where being shot while crouching and placing a beacon would stop you from re-spawning.
  • Bug: Fixed bug which allowed manipulating the hosting options to generate illegal combinations.
  • Bug: Fixed the situation where you destroy the airstrip while a vehicle is being delivered and the vehicle would be invisible.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.
  • Clan rankings are updated for buddies when "Refresh" is clicked.
  • Various additional (Clan and Ladder) modifications and bug fixes.
  • Various (Chat) modifications and bug fixes.
  • Various (Dedicated Server) modifications and bug fixes.
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