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Patch 1.030 for Command & Conquer: Renegade was released in April 2002.

The downloadable patch executable includes all the patches that were released before it.


  • Two maps and flying vehicles have been added to the game. Flying units are only available on the maps that support flying vehicles: Walls Air and City Air.
    • Flying vehicle controls
      • Jump to go up: default is 'Spacebar'
      • Crouch to move down: default is 'C'
      • Hold down 'Ctrl' key while pressing 'A' or 'D' to strafe
  • Fixed a bug where the harvester lost its pathfinding information and could be found driving into walls.
  • Fixed a problem with flickering meshes on ATI cards.
  • Fixed a number of chat bugs on Westwood Online.
  • Added support for the mod community.
    • Multiplay hosting: The host can now choose a Mod package as the multiplayer game.
    • Note that you cannot host a laddered game using a Mod package.
  • Includes several performance enhancements that should remove occasional stuttering and pauses.
  • Added support to hosting via GameSpy. The host now has the ability to kick, ban and set up passworded games. At console type "kick" or "ban" followed by their nickname.
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