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Repair drones are small, autonomous robots, used to repair vehicles, aircraft, and vessels. They were utilized by all three factions of the Third World War.


The repair drone is a simple, ingenious piece of technology. Capable of performing repairs on friendly units using its built-in tools. They can also remove Terror drones from infected units. Repair drones fly around their parent structure, and will automatically repair any friendly units within a certain radius.

Game effect

In Red Alert 3, all repair drones can perform repairs on all types of mechanical units in range (Vehicles, Aircraft and Ships), unlike in Tiberium Wars, where drones from vehicle production structures and aircraft production structures can only repair vehicles and aircraft respectively.

Each unit can be assigned with only one drone, and the repairing efficiency is quite slow.

Repair drones are available from these structures:


Empire of the Rising Sun



Soviets do not have drones on each production structure, and can only deploy repair drones from crusher cranes.