Rescue! is the second Giant Ant mission. The objective to do is to rescue some civilians, under attack by Giant Ants and they need to be rescued. Take the civilians to the transport, alternatively destroying 2 bridges there we'll also trigger a victory.


The Prime Minister of Great Britain received a call that Giant Ants are rampaging Europe. The government leader said the Soviets had done it, but the deceased Joseph Stalin wouldn't be the prime suspect. Ben Carville got a call from an old friend, Nikos Stavros that some civilians were needing their help to be rescued. The plan was familiar to do as those Giant Ants tore the village down and now aiming their claws on them. Carville sends Field Commander A9 to restore the town, rescue the civilians and Stavros says in front of him to destroy two bridges that will PAY all Giant ants for attacking that village.


The Prime Minister of the island nation was happy to see those ants being stopped at two bridges that were destroyed by Field Commander A9. Carville and Stavros worked together to defeat the Giant Ants as they now settled their own scores by counterattacking Allied forces using Tesla, scouting, fire and warrior fighting to defeat the European Allies by crushing their heels, somewhere in Europe.

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