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Rescue Prisoners is a GDI side mission in the Tiberian Sun campaign. It takes place in Poland during the Second Tiberium War.[1]

EVA briefing[]

Umagon has requested help to rescue her people from a Nod prison. The prison is located on an island to the east. Nod has a strong force in the area, both in outposts and spread throughout the nearby city. We have limited resources and no reinforcements are available, so avoiding patrols is vital to your success. Umagon has a team in the area already - if you can find them, they may assist you. Make your way to the prison and release the hostages. Once the prison is secure, we will send a transport to evacuate Umagon's people. There may be SAM sites nearby, so make sure the way is clear for the transport.

  • Objective One: Locate the Nod prison.
  • Objective Two: Release and evacuate the prisoners.


Rescue Prisoners03

McNeil has an option to help mutants (south option) or directly move to Destroy Chemical Supply (north) or Destroy Chemical Missile Plant (middle) missions

The Disruptor crystals had been successfully retrieved by GDI. However, Nod launched chemical missiles across Europe, terraforming the continent. General Solomon urged McNeil to shut down Nod's main chemical plant located near Hamburg in Germany. Umagon, who was present with McNeil, requested him to rescue her fellow people held prisoner in Poland, and in turn the will aid GDI in destroying Nod's chemical plants.


The imprisoned mutants were rescued and McNeil was now able to concentrate on destroying Nod's chemical facilities. True to her word, Umagon would send her warriors to to aid in and reinforce McNeil's assault.


From your starting position, go slightly north and to the east, and Umagon will inform you about her people (picture below in gallery) who will join your forces. Ghost Stalker is a perfect vehicle-killer and good for killing cyborgs. You will be attacked frequently by groups of cyborgs patrolling the map, and your best option for dealing with them is with Ghoststalker, as your other infantry are too weak and your vehicles will eventually be whittled down through attrition. Alternatively if Ghoststalker is too far away to help, you can use Umagon to shoot the cyborgs to get their attention, and while they focus their fire on Umagon (she is fairly strong, but is ineffective against cyborgs), use your medic to heal her while your other units kill the cyborgs.

The cyborgs are spawned from a building labelled as a "highrise hotel"; it is located in the southern part of the city and can be found if you follow the southwest section of the train tracks. The hotel is the only hostile civilian building in the immediate area, so simply mousing over it with Ghoststalker selected will show the C4 icon and allow you to identify it more easily. Destroying the hotel will prevent any further cyborgs from spawning and make the remainder of the mission much easier. Avoid going too far to the southwest from the city, or you may run into a Nod artillery unit, which can quickly end the mission if it manages to kill one of your hero characters.

The artillery can simply be avoided by sticking to the northern edge of the map. However if you want to destroy them (a second one is located somewhat southeast of the city), the ideal way is to either hijack an Attack Bike and rush it to within the Artillery's minimum range (it is fast enough to dodge its fire), or hijack a Devil's Tongue and surface it near the artillery.

In any case, make your way towards the east until you reach the bridge. Destroy the enemies guarding it, then cross over and start killing anything belonging to Nod. If cyborgs are still being spawned from the city, you can use Titans or Disk Throwers to destroy the bridge to prevent them from reaching you. Destroy the gate to free the mutants, then destroy the SAM sites and wait for an Orca Transport to arrive. Though it is unlikely to happen, if any of the mutants are killed it becomes impossible to complete the mission (fortunately they are tough enough to survive even multiple shots from Ghoststalker). You will not instantly receive a "Mission Failed", but because the Orca Transport will not leave until it has picked up a certain number of rescued prisoners, the mission will not end.

An alternative method is to go to the northwest corner of the map, hijack the GDI APC with the mutant hijacker, go back to the starting point and then go to the east side below the prison using your APC to transport your infantry. This way will save you a lot of time and you will have to fight trough a lot less enemy units.





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