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CC Novel Cover The following is based on the spin off novel by Keith R. A. DeCandido and might contradict canon.

The resonator project was a program proposed by Dr. Elisa Scarangello in 2047.


According to GDI Director General Lia Kinsburg, the initial intent of the resonator project is to halt the flow of Tiberium in Yellow zones and keep it out of the Blue zones through the use of Harmonic resonance technology, with the long term goal of making all Red zones inhabitable by 2112.

However, unknown to the general public, Kinsburg herself initially opposed the resonator project, since she was worried about another environmental disaster like the one that took place in Florida, as well as the "lavish expenditures". She even went so far to order Treasurer Redmond Boyle to limit the project budget. It was only until the Council of Directors, as well as other leaders and consultants, began to put on pressure that Kinsburg conceded.

Despite her initial opposition to the plan, Kinsburg made the project the cornerstone of her speech during the 2047 Annual Energy Summit aboard the GDSS Philadelphia. According to Dr. Scarangello, Kinsburg wanted to take all the credit for her work.

The project was ended before it could even begin when a Nod nuclear missile destroyed the GDI space station and killed everyone on board.

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