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The resource system of Tiberian Twilight is very different from previous games. There is no Tiberium, base power (in the tradition sense) nor credits. In the absence of money the resources are build time, command points, player attention and power projection.[1]

Build Time[]

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Build Time is now the main limiting factor and time is the main resource used when constructing units. This is due to the absence of credits, limited construction capability (due to the Crawler system) and longer build times than previous games.

Command Points[]

Command Points (CP) function as a unit cap preventing unit spam. All units cost CP but there's a fixed maximum number of 50 CP that a player can have. Since the amount of CPs available to a side is preassigned and largely immutable this functions as a unit cap rather the a traditional credit.

Time is considered the main resource of Tiberian Twilight.[1]

Player Attention[]

Player Attention is considered another resource since micro and abilities are more important and the player can only be one place at a time. It refers to the fact that a human player can only focus on one task in one place at a given time and therefore their attention is a resource as limited and vital as any other.

Given that this is not easy to increase it's vital that it be properly managed or players may find themselves winning the battle only to lose the war.

Power Projection[]

Power Projection refers to how much of the map you can control. Given the limited number of units it's important to carefully choose which areas to control, defend or attack. Tiberian Twilight has limited unit numbers due to its Command Point System, making it crucial to carefully consider which areas are worth attacking or holding. Trying to hold too large an area will spread your forces out making them vulnerable to a counter attack. Conversely, concentrating your army too much risks giving your opponents uncontested control of much of the battlefield.

Power Limit[]

This functions in the same manner as Command Points except it only applies to structures rather than units. Naturally, only the Defense Class needs to be concerned with this.[2] It is a Defense Class exclusive resource which replaces base power. It acts as a "structure cap" limiting the number of structures a player can have at any given time. Currently, each side has enough to build approximately a dozen structures.[2]

Research Points[]

Gained by gathering Tiberium crystals. They are gained by returning Tiberium crystals to a friendly deploy zone, converting it into an upgrade point for the whole team. Used for purchasing upgrades and upgrading to the next unit tier. Red Tiberium crystals are worth 5 points, Blue crystals worth 2, and Green crystals worth 1 point.

Support Points[]

Used to access support powers. They charge up in three different ways: naturally over time, buffing allies or debuffing enemies, or dealing damage to enemies.

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