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A GDI field base is under attack. They have fended off one attack but will not survive another. Move to the base, repair the structures and then launch a strike force to destroy the Nod base in the area. Destroy all Nod units and structures.
- Mission briefing

Restoring Power is the fifth mission of the GDI campaign of Command & Conquer. If the player chooses the Poland path, the mission will be set in Germany. Otherwise, it will be set in Ukraine.[1]



With Brigadier General Sheppard dealing with the fallout from the Białystok scandal, GDI lost much of its funding, pending the results of a UN investigation. Because of this loss of funding, the GDI had initiated tactical isolation procedures which prevented field commanders such as James Solomon from communicating with the central GDI command. With some difficulty the commander was able to receive a directive speaking in generic terms about a GDI base in his area.


Should Solomon had previously engaged in Poland, either by reinforcing Białystok or retrieving stolen equipment near Gdansk, Nod forces would then have conquered the entirety of Germany. This left small pockets of GDI resistance in Hanover and Dresden, which the commander soon discovered and acted to reinforce.


GDI forces in Ukraine had fought a desperate battle against the invading Nod forces and Solomon was determined to aid them. While Kiev had already fallen, GDI forces still held out in the extreme east of the country. But some pockets of resistance still existed in the west of the country. Solomon determined that the GDI base being referred to must be such a pocket, a base somewhere in the country, specifically the one near Ivano-Frankivsk.


GDI forces, at one location under the personal command of Solomon arrived in the vicinity of the bases. They had arrived just on time, the area was fully of GDI forces. Making headway to the bases they found them nearly deserted and badly damaged, after repelling the last Nod assaults which had severely damaged the bases the GDI forces were gone, presumably dead or defected.

Arriving before Nod forces could level the bases, the GDI commander repaired the bases and restored them to full operation. Having done so they were able to assemble an army sufficient to eliminate the nearby Nod bases and regain control of the country.


The securing of Germany and Ukraine led to a GDI offensive on the Czech Republic

With GDI bases in either countries secured, the GDI turned their attention to the Czech Republic and Austria. In a garbled transmission to Solomon, Carter orders a commando raid on a Nod base near Ostrava.


  • The mission maps for northern Germany (SCG05WA) and western Ukraine (SCG05EA) are nearly identical, albeit some minor differences to the Tiberium field and tree placements on the map.



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