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25px-Disambig This article is about the second Nod mission in Tiberian Sun. For the PlayStation port of the Red Alert expansions, see Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Retaliation.

Retaliation is the second Nod mission of Tiberian Sun.[1]

CABAL briefing[]

Hassan spreads his propaganda to the Brotherhood through a nearby TV station. With the Brotherhood in chaos, the opportunity to divide Hassan from his followers presents itself. Capture the TV station and those once loyal to Kane's technology of peace will return to the fold. And as for Hassan's pathetic guards - crush them.

  • Objective One: Capture the TV station to the east.
  • Objective Two: Destroy Hassan's Elite Guard.


Although the detachment of Hassan's Elite Guard hunting Anton Slavik was destroyed, Hassan had it reported on the Nod News Network that Slavik had indeed been executed and Oxanna Kristos had died in an accidental "tunnel collapse". The Elite Guards were crucial for the maintenance of General Hassan's rule. Protecting the Benghazi base and the Elite Guard within were a group of Nod forces loyal to General Hassan. They were powerful, even including some Cyborgs, but their orders were primarily to protect the base and Oxanna believed that if Slavik were to capture control of the nearby TV station she could broadcast a message that would persuade at least some of these ordinary Nod forces to rebel.

The island base was connected to the mainland only by a narrow bridge, so once the Nod rebels had gained access to this bridge they would be able to destroy it and lacking the means to repair the bridge, the Elite Guard could be starved into surrendering without the rebels having to fire a shot at them.


The traitors are coming, destroy the bridge!
- Hassan engineers

The rebels arrived with an MCV and were able to construct a base upon their arrival. They then searched for a way to reach the nearby TV Station. But the only way to reach the station without going through the loyalist base and its defenses was across a bridge and upon their approach loyalist engineers arranged for that bridge to be demolished. But by deploying their own engineers to repair the bridge, the rebels would have been able to advance across it and capture the station as they had planned.

We've been touched by the spirit hand of Kane, and are ready to serve the technology of peace. Down with Hassan!!!
- Hassan forces mutinied when the nearby TV station was captured.

As soon the rebels had captured the TV station, Oxanna hijacked the broadcast, killing Maycheck on air with a pistol and making an announcement that Hassan is a traitor and must be overthrown. When this announcement reached the loyalists guarding the bridge a portion of them mutinied, doing battle with those that had remained loyal to Hassan. The Elite Guard forces were then destroyed and the rebels gained access to their base.

Having gained control of the base guarding the bridge, rebel forces either destroyed the bridge as they had planned or carried out an assault over the bridge in order to completely wipe out the Elite Guard there using brute force.


The destruction of his Elite Guard and the loss of his control over the Nod News Network considerably weakened Hassan's regime. At the same time as gaining control of the media to spread their propaganda, the rebels had eliminated Hassan's primary means of repression. There were mass defections and unrest across Nod controlled territories as a consequence.

With Hassan's remaining loyalists frantically battling to maintain some control, Slavik was able to fully secure the Nod areas of Libya and gather his forces for a final push against Hassan in Egypt itself.


  • During the cutscene when Oxanna mentions the reason for capturing the TV station, CABAL states, "Control the media, control the mind", quoting The Doors lead vocalist Jim Morrison.



Nod flag (mission accomplished cinematic)


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