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Reversal of Fortune is the fourth Nod mission of Tiberian Twilight.[1]


CnC4 N4

Parker and Kane witness the murder of Dr. Pascal

After being sedated following the mission in Tin City, Commander Parker woke to find his face and body having been reconstructed to be a mirror image of Kane's. Kane insisted that he must disappear for a while in order to business regarding the activation of Threshold 19 and entrusted Parker with appearing for him as a decoy. Now intent on finding Gideon after his brutal murder of Dr Pascal, Kane ordered Commander Parker to find Gideon's command Crawler in a base in the Arctic Ocean and hack it to determine the location of Gideon's main stronghold.


Parker's first task was to protect a shuttle from GST Uzziel sent to the area to scan for the location of Gideon's command crawler. Gideon sent many forces through subterranean channels, but Parker's forces destroyed them before they could cause substantial damage to the shuttle.

After several minutes, the shuttle detected Gideon's command Crawler, located to the southeast of Parker's current position. Parker then sent his own Crawler to intercept the command Crawler in order to hack its firewalls at short range. However Gideon attempted to lose the hacking signal by sending his Crawler all around the area, forcing Parker to give chase to maintain the hacking. Since Gideon was about to pull out of the area the Nod forces did not have much time to play catch-up. However Parker successfully hacked the command Crawler and the information relayed back to Kane. Gideon's crawler self-destructed to prevent any more hacking after this success.


Kane finally determined the location of Gideon's main base, the Giraud-Moebius Tiberium crater.


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