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Ride of the Red Menace is the first mission in the Allied campaign of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.[1]


Map showing the progress of the Soviet invasion

Premier Cherdenko continues to push his Soviet forces into Western Europe, seizing control of key regions left behind by the retreating Allies. Great Britain now stands as the last European nation yet to feel the jackboot of Soviet aggression. That might be short-lived, however, as sources tell us that a vast Soviet armada has been spotted off the northern coast of France.
- BCN news report

Under the leadership of Premier Cherdenko, the Soviet forces were nearly unstoppable, capturing large swaths of Western Europe and forcing the Allies into retreat. Great Britain, now the last remaining Allied nation in Europe, is threatened by a massive Soviet armada.

With most of the Allies' senior commanders tied up in Europe, Field Marshal Robert Bingham has entrusted the defense of Great Britain to a young Allied Commander. Bingham introduced the Commander to Lieutenant Eva McKenna and President Howard T. Ackerman. Ackerman and Bingham both agreed that the fate of the free world depended on stopping this invasion.

The Soviet armada was heading for Brighton Beach, a virtually defenseless civilian city. If the city falls, the Soviet army would soon reach London, leading to the fall of the entire Europe. To make matters worse, heavy armor reinforcements were unavailable, forcing the Commander to rely on limited forces. For this mission, the Commander was assigned a co-commander, Giles Price.

As the Allies mustered their forces for the defense, a Soviet recon unit made up of war bears and conscripts air dropped into the city. The conscripts began destroying the civilian structures while the war bears pinned down the Peacekeepers in the city. The Commander was given command of a team of elite Peacekeepers and two attack dogs.

After clearing out the Soviet recon unit, including a group of conscripts pinning down an Allied MCV, the Commander was given control of a small base. At the same time, Giles Price's MCV also arrived and deployed. Price introduced himself and said that he would not let the Soviets secure a foothole in their backyard. At this point, Eva informed the Commander that a Soviet airborne force is approaching. The Allied advisor informed the Commander that the city has been evacuated, and suggested garrisoning the deserted structures to hold off the Soviet attack.

After defeating the first wave of attacks, Soviet General Krukov sent a taunting message to the Commander, threatening to pound him into submission with the Red Navy. In response, Eva suggested capturing the abandoned gun emplacements on the beachhead to deal with further attacks. Giles volunteered to have his engineers capture two of the four guns. As the Soviet armada approached, the Commander was granted access to Javelin soldiers. In the meantime, the Soviets continued to airdrop infantry to harass the Allied defenders.

This time, the Soviet sent Bullfrogs and Stingrays. The Bullfrogs launched infantry at Brighton Beach before retreating while the Stingrays transformed and moved onto land. After the Commander's forces destroyed them, Eva asked the Commander to prepare for the Soviet's third and final wave of attack. The Commander was authorized to construct the armor facility, the Multigunner IFV, and the Multigunner turret.

After several airdrops, the Soviet sent in their final wave, which consisted of Dreadnoughts and a large number of Kirov airships. While the Dreadnoughts were quickly destroyed by Allied Century bombers, the Kirovs moved inland, bombing and destroying many civilian buildings. Fortunately, they were all severely damaged from overusing their gastroburner, and many were shot down by Allied forces.

At this point, Krukov ordered his forces to retreat, saying they are needed elsewhere, but promised to return. Thanks to the Commander, Great Britain was saved, at least for now.

New additions

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(This walkthrough assumes Hard difficulty.)

You start with four heroic Peacekeepers and two attack dogs. Use your attack dogs to kill the conscripts, who will concentrate on shooting the civilian buildings. Take out the war bears keeping Peacekeepers trapped with your heroic Peacekeepers. Be careful that there some of the conscripts near the MCV can fire back and kill your dogs.

After all Soviet infantry are cleared out, you will gain access to a small base. Train an engineer and capture the Hospital to the south, which will grant your infantry auto-healing. Move your Peacekeepers to the marked area and move at least one into each marked building to complete the "garrison civilian structures" bonus objective. Train another two engineers for later use.

When the Soviet forces arrive, vacate the garrisoned structures immediately: the conscripts will clear them out with molotov cocktails otherwise. Simply have your Peacekeepers engage them with shotguns. Train more at your base if necessary.

After two waves of conscripts, Krukov will taunt you with a video message. As Eva suggested, use the engineers you trained earlier to capture the two gun emplacements to the south, order Giles to do the same for the two guns close to his base. At this point, you will gain access to Javelin soldiers. Train 5 at your boot camp. Meanwhile, the Soviets will air drop small groups of infantry near the coastal guns, now including flak troopers, so guard them with your Peacekeepers.

Once the countdown finishes, the Soviets will send Bullfrogs and Stingrays against you. The Bullfrogs will launch infantry at the coast while the Stingrays will land and attack the coastal guns. Don't worry, the coastal guns have near unlimited health. Kill the infantry with your Peacekeepers, then destroy the Stingrays with your Javelin soldiers while they are focused on the guns.

After fending off the Soviet navy, you will be granted access to the multigunner IFV and the multigunner turret. Build an armor facility and construct 5 IFVs. You may consider filling some of them with Peacekeepers and at least one with an attack dog to deal with Soviet infantry, which will continuously drop before the main force's arrival.

The main force consists of Dreadnoughts and Kirov airships. The Dreadnoughts are not a problem: they will only attack the civilian buildings on the coast and will quickly be destroyed by Century bomber reinforcements. Focus on the Kirovs: order all of your Javelin soldiers and IFVs to attack them, but make sure to never position them directly below the Kirovs. Unload any IFV carrying Peacekeepers or attack dogs for extra anti-air firepower.

Once you shoot down enough Kirovs, the Soviets will retreat, completing the mission.


  • In this mission, the Prospector only yields 200 credits each load, rather than 250 credits.
  • There is a rare glitch where once ordering Giles to capture the two eastern coastal guns, his Engineers will turn around and run back to his base. Having a few Peacekeepers around to deal with Soviet paratroopers in the area appears to reduce the chance of this happening.


Krukov's introduction
Eva's advice


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