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Rift Generator

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Internal name AlienRiftGenerator
Affiliation CNCKW Scrin logo.png Scrin
CNCKW Reaper-17 logo.png Reaper-17
CNCKW Traveler-59 Logo.png Traveler-59
Role Superweapon
Global Conquest strategic structure
Armament Rift
Tier 3
Hit points 20000
Armor type Heavy (75% Cannon, 50% Rocket, 100% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)
Cost $5000
$6000 (GC)
Build time 0:50
Produced by Drone platform
Requires Technology assembler
Hotkey F6
Ground attack 18000 (Cannon)
Air attack 18000 (Cannon)
Cooldown 7 minutes
(deployed manually)
Power -15
Abilities CNCTW Rift Cameo.png Rift
Splash radius: 300
Only one may be built at a time
Warning, Rift Generator detected.
- EVA warns the Commander about the superweapon

The rift generator is a powerful Scrin superweapon, one that displays a level of technological prowess dwarfing even the advanced technology of GDI's ion cannon.


Deployed during the invasion of Earth, the rift generator was capable of opening a wormhole and ejecting everything in a large radius into deep space. Heavily armoured buildings, such as construction yards, drone platforms, and superweapon buildings can survive the rift opening directly above them but are heavily damaged by it.

GDI InOps noticed that similar to their superweapon, this towering monolith needed a certain warmup time before gathering enough energy to produce the miniature black hole. This was a considerably long time which GDI exploited during their assault on the Rome tower and in their final assault on the relay node at Ground Zero.


CNCTW Rift Cameo.png
Rift The Rift Generator summons a vortex inflicting horrific damage to anything unfortunate enough to be caught in its blast.

Role in Global Conquest

In Global Conquest, the rift generator is a strategic structure that allows the creation of rifts.


The effect that the rift generator produces seems to be similar to the chrono vortex accidentally created by using the Chronosphere during the Second World War. However, the rift seen in the Third Tiberium War is controlled, while the chrono vortex was incredibly destructive and rampant with lightning bolts.


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