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TW gameicon.png KW gameicon.png
CNCTW Rig Cameo.png Rig
Internal name GDIRig
Affiliation CNC3 GDI logo.png GDI
CNCKW Steel Talons Logo.png Steel Talons
Role Support vehicle
Armament None
Tier 2
Hit points 2000
Armor type

GDIRigArmor (100% Cannon, 75% Rocket, 25% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)

  • 110% side damage, 150% rear damage
Cost $2000
Build time 0:20
Produced by GDI war factory
Reclamator hub
Requires Command post
Hotkey F6
Speed 72
Sight range
  • 250 (vision)
  • 320 (shroud clearing range)
Abilities CNCTW Deploy Cameo.png Pack Up
CNCTW Deploy Cameo.pngUnpack to Battle Base
Let's pack it up and roll out!
- A GDI Soldier in Albania

The Rig was a slow moving utility vehicle appearing in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


One of the most unique power projection systems in the world, the Rig is a vehicle that is designed to roll deep into enemy territory and quickly deploy into a heavily armed Battle Base structure. Equipped with Guardian cannons and a missile launcher, the Battle Base is capable of engaging enemy vehicles and aircraft. As an added bonus, Rigs carry a complement of auto-drones for making field repairs to GDI vehicles. The Rig/Battle Base Combination is ideal for claiming and holding terrain, enabling GDI field commanders to employ a classic "Clear and Hold" strategy for securing Tiberium fields or gradually taking over an objective area.[1]

Game unit

The Rig's main role is to provide on-site repairs and defense for friendly forces. Upon deployment, the Rig would expand and deploy its three repair drones, twin Guardian Cannons and its roof-mounted SAM turret. Once deployed, the so-called 'Battle Base' would hold down a position and fend off enemy attacks.

Since it is unlikely to fend off threats on its own, friendly vehicles and infantry should be on stand by to lend additional support when required, and provide escort in-transit, as the Rig has no means of defense whilst mobile.

The Rig can also detect stealth units after being deployed, and its drones may also repair nearby aircraft. It has its own power supply, allowing it to continue functioning even when a blackout occurs.

The rig is first available in Albania.


Call for transport
Deploy Orders the Rig to unpack into a Battle Base. This ability can only be activated on flat terrain with sufficient open ground for the Rig to set up (Ctrl+A).



When created

  • Rig, ready to move out!
  • Rig, packed up and ready!

When selected

  • Ready for that battle base!
  • We got it all right here!
  • Where we settin' this up?
  • Yup!
  • Rig here!
  • Base defenses all packed up!

When moving

  • Got it!
  • Rollin'!
  • Where we goin'?
  • Moving!
  • Riiight...
  • Let make it good!
  • No wasting time now!

When retreating

  • Who's shooting at me?
  • Can't stay here!
  • Let's hurry up!



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