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The 24 January 2019 balance update[1][2] for Command & Conquer: Rivals



  • Changed Rockworm damage to AoE Splash Damage (Update 1.3)
  • Damage when Unburrowing vs. Infantry reduced to 90 (was 150)
  • Damage when attacking vs. Infantry reduced to 90 (was 250)

In Update 1.3, the Rockworm damage was changed to AoE splash damage. When attacking squad units, the damage is applied to each member of the squad.

For example, in a five-man Infantry unit, each member of the squad would be dealt 90 damage.


  • Reverted the change from Update 1.3, Basilisks need to charge up for each member in a squad.

In Update 1.3, the Basilisk’s charged up laser was changed when facing squad units. This change has been reverted. The Basilisk now charges up for each individual member of the squad.


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