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The 13 March 2019 balance update[1][2][3] for Command & Conquer: Rivals

Balance Changes


Jump Jet Troopers

  • Damage to Harvesters decreased to 350 (was 400)

A tune down on harvester aggression without affecting combat effectiveness.


  • Health decreased to 3465(was 4000)

Kodiak was proving to take a bit too long to kill even with a hard counter.


  • Cost decreased to 40 (was 60).

Liang’s drone cost reduced to help it combo efficiently with other units

Lt. Strongarm

  • Turret Vision Reduced to 1 (was 2).

Offered too much value as a scout on top of strong combat abilities.

MG Squad

  • Speed increased to Average (was Slow).

This should help MG Squads get in position earlier.


  • Reload increased to 6.5 (was 5).
  • Cost increased to 80 (was 70).

More counterplay for vehicles against the MLRS.

Mohawk Gunship

  • Damage decreased to 396 (was 410).

This will normalize training differences between Mohawks and Attack Bikes.


  • Health increased to 1210 (was 909)

Survivability buff.


  • Health decreased to 1745 (was 1800).

This is to account for training differences between Scorpion and Pitbull.

Predator Tank

  • Cost increased to 70 (was 60).

Tanks have dominated the meta in the last few months. This should promote a bit more diversity.


  • Vision Reduced to 2 (was 3).

Now that the war factory has scouting units, the Rhino does not need extra vision.


  • Health increased to 4330 (was 3600).

Survivability boost for the Sandstorm.

Sniper Team

  • Time between attacks reduced to 0.1 seconds (was 1 second).

This will give Sniper Team a similar attack sequence to Attack Bikes.


  • Damage increased to 57 (was 55).
  • Talon turn rate increased to 450 (was 150)

Fixes to training differences as well as a buff when Talons are mispositioned.



  • Health reduced to 5800 (was 6500)

Avatar has given players a bit to much bang for its buck. This change should bring it in line.


  • Damage to Vehicles decreased to 396 (was 400).

This will normalize training differences between Banshees and Attack Bikes.


  • Vision reduced 2 (was 3).

Same as Rhino

Chem Buggy

  • HP reduced to 1550 (was 1600).

This is to combat training differences.

Chemical Warriors

  • Hp Increased to 620 (was 600).

This is to combat training influencing matchup between Chemical Warriors and Flame/Shock Troopers.


  • Cost increased to 110 (was 100).

Inferno has been a bit too easy to build. This cost increase will punish those who overbuild.


  • Base damage reduced to 500 (was 2000).

This was an unintentional change that is being reverted with this patch.

Scorpion Tank

  • Cost increased to 70 (was 60).

Same as Predator Tank.

Stealth Tank

  • Reload time decreased to 10 (from 12)

Players were simply resupplying their unit faster than the stealth tank could deal with it. This should bring the stealth tank closer to the gdi counterparts.


Crates and convoys

  • Crates now double in value once, when you unlock Nod (Player Level 9), but will not increase in value thereafter.
  • Common Crates drop 6 Cards and an average of 75 Credits before Nod, and 12 Cards and 150 Credits after.
  • Uncommon Crates drop 7 Cards and an average of 75 Credits before Nod, and 15 Cards and 150 Credits after.
  • Rare Crates drop 35 Cards and an average of 250 Credits before Nod, and 70 Cards and 500 Credits after.
  • Epic Crates drop 50 Cards and an average of 1000 Credits before Nod, and 100 Cards and 2000 Credits after.
  • Colossal Crates drop 225 Cards and an average of 4500 Credits before Nod, and 450 Cards and 9000 Credits after.
  • GDI and Nod Crates mimic Epic Crates in their values, but only grant cards of the respective Faction.
  • The amount of Diamonds required to rush a Crate is now 50 Diamonds, up from 24 Diamonds.
  • The number of Epic Crates in the Convoy Cycle is now 12, up from 6. Those Epic Crates replace Common Crates in the cycle.

Bounties and Victory credits

  • Each bounty rewards 120 Credits before Nod, and 250 Credits after.
  • Each battle rewards 50 Credits before Nod, and 100 Credits after.

Cloning Lab

  • The Cloning Lab now becomes available at Player Level 13 (was 15).
  • Standard Chambers now cost 150 Diamonds each (down from 200).
  • A bundle of 5 Standard Chambers can now be purchased in the Resources tab for 625 Diamonds
  • The Free Chamber now grants double the cards (60 Commons, 20 Rares, or 2 Epics).
  • Standard Chambers now grant triple the cards (90 Commons, 30 Rares, or 3 Epics).


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