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The 05 June 2019 balance update[1][2] for Command & Conquer: Rivals


Tiberium league maps:

  • Open Water
  • The Needle
  • Sandbar
  • Twin Pillars
  • Three Lanes
  • Rorschach
  • Flooded Fields
  • Tide Pools

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where the Alliance Donations didn’t work correctly for Fanatics

Balance Changes[]



  • Health decreased to 3300 (was 3500)

APC has been a fairly dominant force in the current meta. This change is to make them a little less like an immovable wall.


  • Damage vs. Base decreased to 300 (was 400)

We heard your feedback and reduced the Disruptor’s base damage.

Drone Swarm[]

  • Health decreased to 175 (was 200)

This makes Drone Swarm a bit easier to kill by units such as Rhino and Buggy.


  • Emp attack speed decrease, increased to 25% (was 15%)
  • Movement speed emp increased to 60% (was 55%)

Grenadiers aren’t quite at the level we would like just yet. Instead of increasing their combat power, we will put a bit more emphasis on what makes them special.


  • Turn speed increased to 300 (was 150)
  • Cost lowered to 90 (was 100)

Hammerhead has fallen off in recent patches. We are giving it a quality of life change as well as making it more accessible.

Jump Jet Troopers[]

  • Damage reduced to 382 (was 400)
  • Cost decreased to 40 (was 50)
  • Health decreased to 200 (was 240)

With the release of Grenadiers, we felt that Jumpjets were losing their place. With this change, we are providing a different space for them to belong.


  • Now has Raider.

This will allow Kodiak to feel a bit less clunky by allowing it to fire its guns while its moving.

Mammoth Tank[]

  • Damage vs. Vehicles increased to 2130 (was 2070)
  • Anti-Air Attack Delay reduced to 0 (was 1 second)

Training issue against Avatar.


  • Reload time decreased to 5 (was 6)

Returning power back to the MLRS now that alternatives such as the mutant marauders and Grenadiers exist.

Mohawk Gunship[]

  • Attack speed increased to 1.15 (was 1.4)
  • Now has Raider

Tuning the Mohawk up to solidify it as GDIs consistent damage air unit against vehicles. It also now has the capability to shoot while moving but only from the side it's cannon is on


  • Damage vs. Infantry decreased to 10 (was 15)
  • Can now hover over lakes

Fixed an issue where Sandstorm was winning into certain infantry counters.


  • Can now hover over lakes

It hovers.


  • Speed increased to Fast (was Average)
  • Can now hover over lakes

Slingshot will now be able to get into position faster.


  • Attack Speed increased to 2.7 (was 3.0)

Increasing Snipers attack speed will allow them to take down Grenadiers and Mutant Marauders in a reasonable amount of time.


  • Cost decreased to 130 (was 150)

Titan has been a bit lackluster for several patches. We are brushing the dust off it so that players can pull it out a little earlier.

War Dogs[]

  • Damage vs. Infantry increased to 22 (was 20)

A small bump so War Dogs do a bit better into its infantry match ups.



  • Attack per second reduced to 3.6 (was 3.2)

We are pleased to see that Artillery is finally seeing play; less so at how dominant and independent it is. We are decreasing its damage to push it more into a supporting role.

Attack Bikes[]

  • Damage vs. Harvester decreased to 200 (was 244)
  • Health reduced to 435 (was 450)
  • Damage vs. Vehicles increased to 244 (was 240)

Fixing some training issues and making early Attack Bike rushing a little less potent.


  • Damage vs. Infantry increased to 140 (was120)

Avatar’s flame thrower getting a bit of a bump to take on some of the new infantry that has been added recently.


  • Speed reduced to Faster (was Fastest)

Cyberwheels have been incredibly powerful for Nod. While we like its glass cannon design, we want it to be a bit harder to position and swarm Control Pads.


  • Cost decreased to 100 (was 110)

Giving the Inferno back its old cost with the addition of so many meta defining units.


  • Cost decreased to 130 (was 140)

Lowering the cost of Kane slightly to make it a little more accessible.


  • Damage vs. Aircraft increased to 755 (was 720)
  • Cost reduced 100 (was 110)

Lowering Phantom’s cost along side Hammerhead as well as fixing a training issue.

Mutant Marauder[]

  • Damage reduced to 382 (was 400)
  • Health decreased to 620 (was 650)

The beefy boys are a little less beefy. Also fixed some training issues.


  • Infantry damage increased to 180 (was 90)

Rockworm has been a bit lackluster. This change will make it more of a generalist against light infantry.

Stealth Tank[]

  • Speed decreased to Faster (was Fastest)
  • Health reduced to 1650 (was 1800)

Stealth Tank has been incredibly dominant for some time. We are decreasing its speed to make it easier to catch and lowering its health to promote a high-risk, high-reward playstyle.


  • Attack speed increased to 0.4 (was 0.5)

Spruce up for the Venom to counteract the addition of heavy infantry.


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