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The 12 September 2019 balance update[1][2] for Command & Conquer: Rivals




  • Drone cost increased from 40 to 50 tiberium

The healing drone has proven to be a bit too strong. Increasing its cost will bring its power level to be more in line with the other commanders.

Drone Swarm[]

  • Movement speed increased from 6.928 -> 8

GDI lost a lot of its anti-infantry power when we nerfed Drone Swarm. Returning some of their movement speed will increase their viability while staying true to their theme.


Increase projectile speed by 25% This will allow them to apply their EMP a little faster.

Mammoth Tank[]

  • Health decreased from 7500 to 6900

Mammoth Tank has become quite the stalwart when it gets out. This should give players an easier time dealing with it.


  • Health decreased from 1800 to 1500

Slingshot has become a great unit, but is performing a bit too well. This change will make it easier to deal with while still maintaining its excellent damage capabilities.



Banshee Tiberium cost increased from 50 to 60 Banshee was a bit too efficient at 50 cost, so we're returning it to its original.

Chem Buggy[]

  • Infantry damage decreased from 80 to 72

Chem Buggy has been a powerful unit for a long time and has made Nod's anti-infantry power too efficient, therefore we are reducing its damage output.


  • Vehicle damage decreased from 37 to 32

Fanatics are slightly overperforming against vehicles.


  • Speed decreased from 9.236 to 8

Venom has been doing very well in its core matchups while also moving extremely fast. Slightly lowering movement speed.


  • Move speed decreased from 6.928 to 5.4

Now that players have become more comfortable with their mechanic, it's time to tune down Scavengers to a more reasonable level.


Obelisk HP increased from 4000 to 5000

Kane is seeing low usage rates across all tiers. Increasing health of the obelisk to try to return some of his staying power.


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