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The 25 March 2020 balance update[1] for Command & Conquer: Rivals.



Dr. Liang[]

  • Cost from 40 to 50

Reverting the cost reduction from the previous patch as Liang is still proving to be too strong.


  • HP from 4300 to 3623

Sandstorm survives too long for a high damage, multi-purpose unit. Reducing its health will make it easier for players to deal with it.

Mammoth Tank[]

  • Cost from 230 to 250

Mammoth Tank tends to be very dominant when it gets out. Increasing its cost will slow down its initial production time.


  • Cost from 50 to 60

Slingshot is too efficient for its cost with its high damage design. This will put its cost more in line with its stats.


  • Damage to Structures from 6000 to 4000

When Ion Cannon’s damage was changed to be gradual from its base tile, the structure damage was set too high. This change puts the damage output where it’s intended.

Zone Troopers[]

  • Delay b/w attacks 0.75 to 1.5

Zone Troopers’ attack delay was incorrect, fixing it with this patch.


  • Rate of fire from 1.15 to 1.3

Mohawk is trading too favorably with its matchups. This change brings its power to a more reasonable level.

Orca Bomber[]

  • Reload time from 10s to 12s

Orca Bomber is a very effective ground-clearing unit. In order to balance its payload, we are increasing its reload time to allow counters to be able to deal with it better.



  • Delay b/w squad attacks from 0.75 to 1

Cyborg’s attack delay needed a correction from a previous patch.

Laser Drones[]

  • Health decrease from 200 to 180
  • Delay b/w squad attacks from 0.3 to 0.4

Reducing health to fix a breakpoint created by the previous Attack Bike nerf and fixing the attack delay from a previous patch.

Jade Catalyst Missile[]

Jade’s Catalyst Missile cloud was bugged from the previous patch. This change corrects the damage output.


  1. EA_Avinash, 25 March 2020. Balance Update March 25, 2020. EA Answers. Last accessed: 28 March 2020.
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