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The 18 December 2018 patch for Command & Conquer: Rivals was the game's twenty-fourth official patch,[1] which affected the game's balance and the build number, which was raised to 1.2.4 (210041).

Balance Changes[]



"This will allow Riflemen to win against Shockwave Troopers and Flame Troopers in a 2v1 situation."

  • Damage increased to 38 (was 30)


"This helps push Talon into a stronger anti-infantry unit, especially against units such as Shockwave Troopers and Flame Troopers."

  • Damage vs Infantry increased to 55 (was 50)


"This change allows Rhinos to take down infantry a bit faster."

  • Attack speed increased to 0.85 (was 1.0)



"Similar to Riflemen, this will allow Militants to win against Shockwave Troopers and Flame Troopers in a 2v1 situation."

  • Damaged increased to 38 (was 30)

Flame Tank[]

"This change will give players more time to respond to a Flame Tank attacking their base. The lower health will also make it easier to destroy."

  • Speed decreased to 5.5434 (was 6.929) Health decreased to 3050 (was 3500)


"Kane was oppressive when a player was ahead. This change will give players a window where they counter."

  • Obelisk death timer duration decreased to 30 seconds (was 45 seconds)

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed issues known to cause game crashes
  • Fixed an issue where the Talon did not fire at enemy units
  • Fixed an issue where the Tier III bundle was not available after purchasing the Tier II bundle
  • Favorite Unit stats now track properly for Commanders
  • Fixed Ion Cannon one-shotting Harvesters
  • Fixed localized text on the Tick Tank description
  • Fixed an issue where the Weekly Best reset time was longer than 7 days


  1. EA_dance210, 13 December 2018. Balance Update - Dec. 13. EA Answers.
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