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The 1.3.0 patch[1][2][3] for Command & Conquer: Rivals

Features and Balance Changes[]

  • New Spectator Mode – watch replays with full deck loadouts and more[4]
  • Custom Matches – create matches to play against friends or run your own tournament[4]
  • New Unit, the Nod Laser Drone[5]
  • Full Season Reset – climb the leaderboard again and earn more Rewards[6]
  • Your opponent using a unit that you have not unlocked will now trigger a Challenge Battle
  • Challenge Battles based on your opponent having 200+ more medals are now disabled when you reach the Tiberium League
  • An updated Command Bar, making it easier to see which enemies your unit is strong against
  • The amount of Cards in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Colossal, and Faction Crates have been increased for Player Levels 29 and up to compensate for upcoming new units
  • New Rivals Champions maps and map balance changes

Bug fixes[]

  • Desert Island Maps - Fixed an issue where some of the rocks were not set to block ground unit vision (allowing Snipers etc to see/shoot through them)
  • Fixed an issue where players with a max level unit did not get the Credit compensation when receiving that unit card from a Crate


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