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The 1.4 patch[1][2] for Command & Conquer: Rivals

New unit[]


The Centurion is the result of Kane’s demand for a “mechanized Praetorian Guard, worthy of defending God’s chosen on earth.” It is piloted by battle-hardened veterans and equipped with a unique “Testudo” shield system able to absorb heavy weapon attacks, making it ideal for defensive operations.[3]


Cloning lab[]

The Cloning Lab is a new feature that allows you to earn cards for the units you want, simply by battling. Access the Cloning Lab by tapping the new “Objectives” button (where the “Bounties” button used to be). Unlock access to the Cloning Lab by reaching Player Level 15.

In order to clone a unit, you will need a new type of item: Cloning Chambers. All players have a Free Cloning Chamber that can be used once per day. Additional Cloning Chambers can be purchased from the Store for Diamonds. Cloning Chambers can be found in the new “Resources” tab of the Store, which replaces the previously named “Currencies” tab.

To begin cloning a unit, tap an empty slot in the Cloning Lab, select a chamber and a unit, and then battle to begin the cloning process. Cloning a unit does not require you to put a copy of a unit card into the chamber. Standard Cloning Chambers take 30 battles to complete. Once complete, return to the Cloning Lab and collect your cards.

UI Changes[]

Navigation Sub Menus[]

With the introduction of the Cloning Lab, we have made changes to our primary navigation buttons. The “Bounties” button is now the “Objectives” button and brings up sub-navigation to “Bounties” and to “Cloning Lab”.  Similarly, the “Network” button now brings up two sub-sections, “Activity” and “C&C TV”

Alliance Chat[]

We’ve made some changes to how the Alliance chat works, so that you won’t miss conversations with your Alliance mates or donation requests.

  • The most recent 200 messages load automatically in the Alliance chat
  • Go to the oldest message to load the next 200 messages

Economy Changes[]

Purchase Player Levels[]

You can now accelerate your progress and access to units by spending Diamonds to immediately Level Up.  Each level costs 500 Diamonds, but this amount is reduced by partial progress towards the next level.  For example, if you are half way to level 30, purchasing level 30 will cost 250 Diamonds.

Rivals Champions[]

We have made a few changes to how Rivals Champions Events function:

  • All rewards earned during a Rivals Champions run are now bundled and collected when you complete or retire the current run (or the event ends).
  • Rewards now reset across all the nodes when you begin a new Rivals Champions run.
  • Starting a new Rivals Champions run now costs Diamonds instead of Credits.  The amount depends on your League placement within the event.
  • Events can now grant all types of rewards on completion (crates, specific cards, CLONING CHAMBERS!, etc.).


After completing your bounties, you can now spend 100 Diamonds to get a set of 5 new bounties.

Player Level Progression[]

At early leagues, we felt that there was an imbalance of counter play between the Temple of Nod units, when compared to the more-evenly balanced first few Tech Lab epic units.

  • The new Nod Centurion is replacing the Nod Flame Tank as one of the first available Nod epic units upon entering Bronze League with Nod.
  • The Nod Flame Tank now unlocks at Player Level 55.
  • Players that already have the Flame Tank can continue to use it but will only receive more Flame Tank cards at or above level 55.

Experience Gain from Divisions and Battles[]

We have heard your feedback about wanting more experience points for reaching higher competitive divisions, so we have increased the experience rewards for certain divisions above and including Platinum III:

  • All Platinum Divisions reward 15,000 experience (50% increase for Platinum III and II).
  • All Diamond Divisions reward 20,000 experience (33% increase for Diamond III and II).
  • All Master Divisions reward 30,000 experience (50% increase for Master III and II, and 20% increase for Master I).
  • Tiberium League now rewards 35,000 experience (40% increase)
  • We have also increased the experience gained from battle to 100 experience (up from 50 on a win, and 20 on losses and draws).


  • The Free Crate is now collectible every 11 hours, down from 12 hours.
  • The value of the Colossal Crate has increased by 17.5% (credits and cards), so the Colossal Crate is now 5 times larger than the Epic Crate.
  • Stack sizes and Credits prices of cards in the Daily Offers tab have changed.  
  • Common card stacks now contain 10 cards (up from 5) and cost 160 Credits (up from 150).
  • Rare card stacks now contain 5 cards (up from 2) and cost 800 Credits (up from 600).
  • Epic card stacks are still 1 card, but price has decreased to 1600 Credits (down from 3000).

General Economy[]

  • The number of Cards in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Colossal, and Faction Crates have been updated for Player Levels 33 and up to compensate for upcoming new units.

Unit Rework[]

Artillery needed to redeploy when firing in a new direction. With this update, we have reworked Artillery so that it slowly rotates while still deployed.

Map Changes[]

New Maps: Lava Fields[]

The following maps in Platinum League have had their artwork updated to the new Lava Fields theme:

  • Great Divide
  • Twin Pillars
  • Slashed Fields
  • Stonewall
  • Center Rally

New Maps: Events[]

The following new maps will be used in Rivals Champions & Blitz events in the future:

  • Fortress
  • Eruption
  • Orbit
  • Scorpion Tail
  • Down the River
  • Flooded Fields

Updated Maps[]

The following maps have been updated:

  • Twin Pillars: Bottom left and right corner hexes removed from the map to prevent units from abusing this choke
  • Blindspot: Bottom left and right corner hexes removed from the map to prevent units from abusing this choke
  • Stonewall: Removed two rocks and moved bottom Tiberium to the outside of the stone wall

Performance / Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where units would not attack enemy units
  • Fixed an issue where players were disconnected from a match when switching from WiFi to mobile network while on the “Establishing Battlefield Control” screen
  • Fixed an issue where the date for the Best Score for a completed event would show as “Ongoing”
  • Fixed an issue where projectile attacks would disappear when chasing a target
  • Fixed an issue where unit attacks would desync
  • Fixed an issue where a tree would appear on the map
  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed an issue where the Razer Phone 2 overheated
  • Fixed an issue where the screen did not fill the screen on the new iPad Pro
  • Fixed an issue where commands were offset when using devices with a notch
  • Fixed an issue where launching the game from a push notification caused the screen to turn black
  • Optimized front-end performance
  • Optimized Network and Activity Feed performance


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