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The June [1][2] patch brought races, commander skins and changed cloning labs, bounty rewards, unit balance and unit unlock order.

June 17, 2019 Update[]


Rivals Race[]

In Rivals Race, small groups of players form their own Race leaderboard. All players on a leaderboard will start with a similar medal count. At the end of the Race, the top players with the highest medal counts will win unique vanity rewards[3].

Cloning Lab[]

Cloning Chambers will take a certain amount of time. Select a unit to clone and after a specified amount of time has elapsed your Cloning Chamber will be ready, even if you’ve played no battles. Playing battles will decrease the amount of time remaining on your Cloning Chamber, speeding up the process so you get the new cards sooner.

Commander Skins[]

From the main landing page to the loading screen, your Commander is visible not just to you but also to your rivals. With this update, we introduced Commander skins. These skins will change the look of your Commander in all the usual locations – landing page, army loadout, loading screen and during the battle.

Unit Unlock Order[]

Player level Unit Old player level
14 Confessors 16
15 Grenadier

Mutant Marauders



16 Mohawk Gunship 49
17 M.L.R.S. 18
18 Giga-Cannon 20
20 Laser Drones 29
21 War Dogs 22
22 Cyberwheel 31
23 Chemical Warriors 24
29 Chem Buggy 32
31 MG Squad 42
35 Col. Jackson 46
37 Oxanna 48
39 Phantom 40
40 Slingshot 41
46 Sniper Team 54
48 Flame Tank 55
54 Stealth Tank 56
56 Juggernaut 57

Economy Changes[]

Bounty Reward[]

Replaced the reward for completing five bounties with 2,500 credits (previously rewarded 1 Rare crate).



  • Kodiak is now able to use its side cannons without having to point its primary cannon at another unit.

The Kodiak struggled to fully utilize its intended functionality. This should put some ease on the player and allow for the Kodiak to be more versatile in combat.

Performance & Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to access other parts of the app until opening all season reset crates
  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to build buildings or units
  • Fixed the notification spam issue
  • Fixed an issue where the MG Squad did not turn to attack enemy units
  • Fixed an issue where the Juggernaut did not attack enemy units
  • Fixed an issue where the number of expected cards did not match the number of cards received when opening the Vault
  • Fixed a visual issue when receiving Rare cards from Crates
  • Fixed an issue where the Orca Bomber stats are in a different order compared to other units
  • Fixed an issue where the Sandstorm crashes when it targets four units
  • Fixed the missile tooltip to correctly state ‘Missiles will fire after 40 seconds of charging.’
  • Fixed an issue where the Tiberium Immunity description did not match the in-game experience
  • Fixed an issue where the Missile Squad that spawns from the APC triggers the unit cooldown
  • Fixed an issue where the War Dogs played the Rhino sound effect when targeting air units
  • Fixed the Vault overview to show 350 cards
  • Fixed a typo on the Korean event description


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  3. Rivals Race Published 2019-06-11
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