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The July[1] patch brought new game modes, seasonal login rewards, A.I. matches, increased army slots.

July 8, 2019 Update[]

New game modes[]

The game has added two new events: Showdown and Iron Reign. These modes change a lot of mechanics, for example unit cooldown, tiberium income, missile charge time[2].

Seasonal login rewards[]

Game rewards players for login in every day. The more days players log in, the better the rewards[3]

A.I. matches[]

Players can play against AI bots. This option is added in the same place where custom matches can be arranged.

Increased Army Slots[]

Players can save up to 5 army decks (was 3).

Upgrade notifications[]

Game no longer notifies how many units and commanders can be upgraded.

Opening crates[]

When opening many crates, they can all be opened in one go.

Performance & Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed an issue where some event reward vanity items had the description ‘Purchase in Store’


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  3. Coming Soon: Seasonal Login Calendar Published 2019-07-05
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