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The July[1] patch brought new game modes, seasonal login rewards, A.I. matches, increased army slots.

July 8, 2019 Update

New game modes

The game has added two new events: Showdown and Iron Reign. These modes change a lot of mechanics, for example unit cooldown, tiberium income, missile charge time[2].

Seasonal login rewards

Game rewards players for login in every day. The more days players log in, the better the rewards[3]

A.I. matches

Players can play against AI bots. This option is added in the same place where custom matches can be arranged.

Increased Army Slots

Players can save up to 5 army decks (was 3).

Upgrade notifications

Game no longer notifies how many units and commanders can be upgraded.

Opening crates

When opening many crates, they can all be opened in one go.

Performance & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed an issue where some event reward vanity items had the description ‘Purchase in Store’


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  3. Coming Soon: Seasonal Login Calendar Published 2019-07-05
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