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The 1.0.0 update for Command & Conquer: Rivals [1].

New Units

New Features

Deck Slots

Having only one set deck per faction can be limiting. You need to rework your deck whenever you want to test a new unit or complete a bounty.

In this update, we are changing the number of saved decks from one per faction to three saved decks per faction. This will give you flexibility in trying new decks without needing to changing your core deck.

Friends List

We understand that players enjoy the social aspects of games. To make it easier to We are introducing a Friends List, which lets you add people you know from Facebook, Origin or in-game. You’ll be able to see friends’ progress and share match replays via C&C Network. While you can’t directly battle friends yet, this is just the beginning of what we hope to do with your Friends List. Expect more to come in future updates.

C&C Network

We’re expanding our social features with the new C&C Network. Consisting of an Activity Feed and C&C TV, this new feature set will keep you connected to your friends, your alliance members and the Rivals Community as a whole.

Activity Feed

With your new Activity Feed[3], you can keep up to date on your friends and alliance members achievements while sharing your own milestones. Plus, you can show your appreciation for friends’ hard work by liking the posts that you enjoy most!

Game Feature Changes

Units & Rarity

Before deciding if a unit is Common, Rare, or Epic, we look at a number of different factors including, but not limited to, unique mechanics, utility and hyper-speciality. Most notably, we want to make sure that Epic units represent certain combinations of factors that make them feel like they can have special impact on the battlefield in the hands of a skilled player. When reviewing our current and upcoming units, we wanted to make some changes to make rarity feel more consistent.

Unit Unlock Sequence

When units are unlocked, we want them to feel like an exciting addition to the existing roster without altering the combat meta. When reviewing the current unlock sequence, we found some units and Commanders that had unintended effects on the meta for that level. Increasing or decreasing the Player Level required to unlock these units should put them in a better place, where they don’t force the meta to change but still are a great addition to your army.

Tiberium Economy Changes

As part of Early Access, we’re testing out some new Tiberium economy tuning. Before breaking down those changes, let’s talk about how the Tiberium economy has worked up until now. Since Early Access began, your base has generated 2 Tiberium per second for the duration of the match. Harvesters also generated an additional 2 Tiberium per second (when harvesting), but their rate increased gradually as a function of game time. This means a Harvester at game start would generate 2 Tiberium per second … but at 150 seconds into a match a Harvester generated 4.2 Tiberium per second. (Still with me?) After 150 seconds of game time, the Harvester-Tiberium generation rate no longer increased.

Harvester Income

We are also changing the way the Harvester income rate ramps. In the new economy tuning, Harvesters at game start generate only 1 tiberium per second (half of the base’s rate). The Harvester’s top rate is lower as well, reaching only 3.5 Tiberium per second by the 150-second mark. Our intention is to make two-Harvester openers a bit riskier. Now, at the very top level of play these greedy openers have fallen out of favor. That said, at lower levels, it’s too easy to build directly (or very nearly so) into two Harvesters. The amount of income a two-Harvester player has in the early game was equal to the amount of income a single-Harvester player has in the extreme late game. There should be more of a ramp for the economy before double-Harvester players really start cranking. Still, we do want two Harvesters to be an interesting and viable opening at all levels of play, so we are slightly increasing the total income a player has when running two Harvesters in the late game.

Commander Bar

We have adjusted how buildings and units are presented on the in-game commander bar. Previously, the icons for the available buildings were all the same size and centered on the commander bar. When a building was unlocked, the remaining buildings shifted to the left to make room for the units within that building. As more buildings were unlocked, the unit position on the commander bar would shift position.

We have decided to simplify the commander bar, so that the position of buildings and units remains stationary throughout the game. The width of each building is dependant on the number of units that unlock with that building. A building that unlocks three units will be wider than a building that unlocks one unit. When a building is unlocked, the unit icons are contained within the same location as the building icon. Unlocking new buildings will no longer cause units or buildings to shift locations.

Unit Power Increase with Levels

Starting with units at level 5 and above, we have adjusted the amount of power that a unit gains as they level up. The amount of power gained is now flat from level to level, making the power gains consistent as units are leveled up.This structure ensures that the expected relationship between units remains constant regardless of the level.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to become unable to command units when created
  • Fixed a bug that disallowed players from re-entering the Final Sector after demotion
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevents players from viewing the crate opening sequence when Nod is unlocked
  • Fixed a bug that gave players (non-functional) options to promote, demote, or remove players in alliances they had newly joined
  • Fixed issues that prevented the second tutorial mission from progressing as intended under certain circumstances
  • Fixed some tooltips that were sometimes cut off by the top of the screen
  • Fixed an issue that makes the Alliance emblem appear blank when Rivals is launched
  • Fixed a bug that caused enemy units to count towards players’ Bounties when the units were damaged by friendly fire
  • Fixed a bug that allowed several units to attack Rockworms while burrowed
  • Fixed issues with some units not disappearing in fog of war consistently
  • Long names and Alliance names should now shrink to fit properly when applicable
  • Fixed an issue with Titan not dealing damage to units behind primary targets in some circumstances
  • Fixed an issue with debug text showing at the end of match replays ending in a draw
  • Fixed several instances of the convoy crate UI appearing over other UI elements
  • Adjusted the range of Strongarm’s turret placement to be more symmetrical in “Slashed Fields”
  • Fixed Commander tooltips to update correctly when upgraded
  • Players can no longer join Alliances before choosing a player name
  • Shared normal battle replays will no longer be titled “Friendly Battle” in Alliance chat
  • Fixed several instances of crashes
  • Fixed a bug where Mammoth Tanks would occasionally stop attacking
  • Fixed a bug where games in the battle log would occasionally show as having 0 Medal gain or loss


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