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The 1.0.5 update for Command & Conquer: Rivals [1].

Game Adjustments

Cards in the Store

The in-game store offered one Common, one Rare, and one Epic unit card each day. These units were randomly selected from GDI or Nod after players reached Level 4. As the faction for each unit was random, a player who battled predominantly as Nod may only have access to GDI units.

We are changing how the store functions for players Level 4 and above, so that players will have access to both GDI and Nod units. Each day, the store will offer a total of 6 unit cards: three GDI unit cards (one Common, one Rare and one Epic) and three Nod unit cards (one Common, one Rare and one Epic).

Epic Card Crate Drops

Right now, the rate at which Epic units level up is not keeping pace with the rate for Common or Rare units. Players are unable to collect enough Epic Cards, so Epic unit levels are falling behind Common and Rare units. With this update, we are starting to make adjustments and will continue to monitor how Epic units are leveling compared to Commons and Rares.

To start addressing this issue, we are adjusting crates in the following ways:

  • The number of Epic cards being dropped from Epic Crates has doubled
  • The chance of getting an Epic card from a Rare Crate has increased by 83%
  • The chance of getting an Epic card from a Common Crate has increased by 60%

Balance Changes



  • Disruptor beam no longer does damage to friendly units or structures.
  • Disruptor can now fire while moving.
  • Increased rotation speed of Disruptor turret.
  • Reduced Damage vs Vehicles to 800 (was 1100)


  • Damage vs Structures reduced to 400 (was 700)


  • Movement speed increased to 5.5 (was 3.9)
  • Damage increased to 400 (was 300)
  • Damage vs Infantry increased to 200 (was 50)
  • Damage vs Structures increased to 1000 (was 750)



  • Stage 1 & 2 Damage reduced by 20%
  • Stage 1 & 2 Damage vs Infantry reduced by 50%
  • Stage 3 Damage vs Infantry reduced by 50%


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