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The 1.1 update for Command & Conquer: Rivals.[1]

New units[]

Player Profile[]

All players now have a Player Profile where they can track their progress. You can also view the profile for friends and Alliance members.

The player profile contains information in a variety of sections:

  • Overview
    • General information like your Name and Alliance
    • Your current League and Medals for GDI and Nod
    • Your Player Level and progress towards your next level
    • Your ‘Weekly Best’, personal stats for the four stats broadcasted in the C&C Network
    • A display of your favorite unit per faction, feel free to choose!
    • The total number of victories over your career
    • Your highest Medal count ever, and per faction
  • Armies - can filter by GDI and Nod
    • Currently equipped Army and previously used Armies
    • Battle counts and win rates with those armies
  • Match History
    • A re-imagination of the Battle Log. Watch replays, and save up to five in your ‘Favorites’
  • Collection
    • A complete view of all units you currently own, and all available units
  • Seasons
    • Seasons last a month and tracks number of wins and highest Medal count per faction

Monthly Seasons[]

Each month, there will be a new season. Seasons track the number of wins and Medal count for each faction. The highest medals achieved each month will be memorialized in the Player Profile (see above).

The first Monday of each month, players that have a faction in the Tiberium League will have that faction’s medals reset to 3,700. If you have both factions in the Tiberium League, both factions will have their Medals reset to 3,700.

Leagues & League Progression[]

We are replacing Sectors with Leagues and divisions. Your League and division will be prominently displayed all throughout the game, letting you show off your accomplishments. The Leagues and ranked rewards are fully visible from the start, making it easy to plan your player journey.[3]

Rivals Fairplay[]

Our goal is to create fun, fair and competitive matches for all our players. With our Rivals Fairplay features, players can join a battle confident that their match will be enjoyable.[4]

  • Unit Level Caps: Within each rank there will be a unit level cap. If the unit level is above the cap, the unit will be temporarily down-leveled to the cap
    • Training League: Unit Level 5
    • Iron League: Unit Level 6
    • Bronze League: Unit Level 7
    • Silver League: Unit Level 8
    • Gold League: Unit Level 9
    • Platinum League: Unit Level 10
    • Diamond League: Unit Level 11
    • Master League: Unit Level 13
    • Tiberium League: Unit Level 15
  • Win Streaks: When you hit your third consecutive win, you’ll automatically receive 2x the normal Medals for that match and will continue to receive double Medals until you lose
  • Progressive Milestones (Safe Spots): Once you reach a new rank (moving from Silver to Gold, for example), you cannot lose your way back to the prior rank.
  • Challenge Battles: If you are in a Challenge Battle and are at a disadvantage, you will not lose Medals if you lose the match and will win double Medals if you win! If the Challenge Battle is in your favor, you’ll gain or lose Medals as normal.

Bounties System[]

We have reworked the bounty system to give players a consistent expectation of what is required to maximize their daily rewards.[5]

  • Changed bounty tasks to make it more predictable how long it will take to complete each task
  • Removed Common and Uncommon Crates as bounty rewards. A Rare Crate is awarded for completing 5 bounty tasks
  • Progress towards the next Rare Crate is saved after the daily reset
  • Added ability to reroll Specialist bounties with Fuel

Fuel and Crates[]

We realize that players have different play styles - some people play a few battles at a time over the course of the day, while some will sit down, focus and play a ton of battles in a row. We want the crate system to be flexible enough to support both play styles.[5]

Changes to how Fuel is earned:

  • Fuel earn rates have doubled. Players will earn 2 Fuel for a victory and 1 Fuel for a defeat
  • Maximum Fuel storage will increase from 4 to 10

Unit Changes[]


Riflemen Squad[]

  • Squad size reduced to 5 (was 6)
  • Health increased to 120 (was 100)


  • Damage vs. Infantry increased to 45 (was 30)


  • Damage increased to 2000 (was 1600)


  • Damage vs. Vehicles decreased to 100 (was 150)
  • Health increased to 3600 (was 3200)

Zone Trooper[]

  • Squad size reduced to 2 (was 3)
  • Health increased to 1000 (was 500)
  • Damage increased to 575 (was 375)
  • Damage vs. Infantry increased to 125 (was 55)

Missile Squad[]

  • Damage vs. Infantry reduced to 35 (was 55)

Mammoth Tank[]

  • Damage per shot increased to 1000 (was 800)
  • Cost increased to 200 (was 170)

Sniper Team[]

  • Damage increased to 150 (was 120)


Militant Squad[]

  • Squad size reduced to 5 (was 6)
  • Health increased to 120 (was 100)

Flame Troopers[]

  • Health increased to 540 (was 280)
  • Initial attack delay increased to 0.5 seconds (was 0)
  • Attack cycle duration increased to 2 seconds (was 1)
  • Damage increased to 100 (was 60)
  • Damage vs. Structures decreased to 100 (was 160)


  • Health increased to 900 (was 700)
  • Damage vs. Infantry increased to 75 (was 55)

Flame Tank[]

  • Damage vs. Vehicles reduced to 50 (was 100)
  • Damage vs. Infantry increased to 200 (was 150)
  • Health increased to 4000 (was 3000)

Chemical Warrior[]

  • Health increased to 600 (was 375)


  • Health increased to 800 (was 600)
  • Zeal buff increased to 50% (was 30%)


  • Damage vs. Infantry increased to 250 (was 150)
  • Damage increased to 2000 (was 1600)
  • Attack cycle duration increased to 3.75 seconds (was 3.0)

Laser Troopers[]

  • Damage vs. Infantry reduced to 35 (was 55)


  • Damage vs. Infantry increased to 250 (was 120)


Map Changes[]

Added Two New Grasslands Maps:

  • The Needle
  • Battlefield

The following maps were updated:

  • Cracked Ice: Map redesigned to reduce choke point congestion
  • Down the Middle: Tiberium moved to reduce Harvester death
  • Open Water: Moved the bottom Tiberium away from the platforms to allow Infantry more ease of movement
  • Battle Quadrants: Moved the Tiberium away from the platforms to reduce Harvester kills and snowballing battles
  • Stonewall: Now with 50% more wall!

With the introduction of Leagues, we have changed the map progression. Maps will now be available in these Leagues

  • Iron League (Badlands)
    • Slot Canyon
    • The Cauldron
    • Caged In
  • Bronze League (Alpine)
    • Half and Half
    • Down the Middle
    • Open Water
    • Cracked Ice
    • Frozen Road
  • Silver League (Grasslands)
    • Fertile Basin
    • Open Prairie
    • Three Sentinels
    • The Needle
    • Battlefield
  • Gold League (Badlands)
    • Middle Oasis
    • Battle Quadrants
    • Slot Canyon
    • The Cauldron
    • Caged In
  • Platinum League
    • Twin Pillars
    • Great Divide
    • Slashed Fields
    • Stonewall
    • Center Rally
  • Diamond League (Badlands)
    • Neutral Zone
    • Fighting Pit
    • Broken Mesa
    • Lone Spire
    • Side by Side
  • Master League (Alpine)
    • Tiberium Stripes
    • Peaks and Valleys
    • Two Fuses
    • Pillbox
    • Canal Row
  • Tiberium Leagued (Mixed maps)
    • Stonewall
    • Broken Mesa
    • Fighting Pit
    • Down the Middle
    • Two Fuses
    • Fertile Basin
    • The Cauldron
    • Three Sentinels

Note: Tiberium League is subject to map rotation in the future

Store Changes[]

Crate Tab[]

  • GDI and Nod Faction Crates
    • The GDI Crate is available immediately, and the Nod Crate is available after unlocking Nod at Player Level 4
    • Both Crates contain 1,500 Credits and 30 Cards of the specified Faction (21 Common, 8 Rare, 1 Epic) for 350 Diamonds
    • There is no additional randomness in these Crates; you will receive the resources specified above every time
  • Colossal Crate
    • This crate is available once you unlock Nod
    • This Crate contains 6,000 Credits and 120 Cards (85 Common, 30 Rare, 5 Epic) from any Faction.
    • There is no additional randomness to this Crate; you will receive the resources specified above every time.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed various, highly occurring crashes


Command & Conquer official patches