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The 15 June 2018 for Command & Conquer: Rivals was the game's first official patch[1], which affected the game's balance but not the build number.


On 14 June 2018, game designer Greg Black announced the focus points of the patch.[2]

We are currently learning a ton about the state of the game’s balance and are looking to make some high-impact changes in the very near future. Before we finalize our first Pre-alpha balance patch, I wanted to give you guys some heads up as to what we’re looking at.

Currently, we’ve focused our sights on:

- Nod is currently doing too well against GDI in cross-faction play. We have several theories on why this is, but we are still actively investigating it and haven’t reached any firm conclusions yet.

- Double Harvester openers are overly strong and too difficult to punish. We will be looking at potentially tweaking the economy ramp to make this less viable as well as increasing some of the “punishment” for losing a harvester.

- GDI Sandstorms are too difficult to counter with low-cost infantry. The Sandstorm’s high rate of fire make them overly efficient at countering enemy infantry. We are likely going to nerf the Sandstorm’s damage vs infantry to address this.

- Nod Flame Troopers are overly effective against light vehicles. GDI doesn’t have a ton of units to counter them at low levels that aren’t also infantry or light vehicles. Decreasing Flame Trooper damage vs vehicles will make the Nod Buggy and GDI Rhino more effective counters against them.

- Nod Cyborgs are overly efficient for cost and difficult to counter at lower levels. We don’t necessarily believe the Cyborgs are too strong per se, but rather that they are too inexpensive and easy to spam. There are also some second-order counter relationships (i.e. the things you can build to kill the Cyborgs are easily dealt with by Flame Troopers & Drill Pod) that we are concerned with as well.

-Tech Lab / Temple of Nod (Tier 4) units are generally a bit too inexpensive. Our intention is not for games to turn into Tier 4 Epic spam, but we do want Tier 4 units to feel powerful and meaty. Right now, we think either the economy is ramping too much or the Tier 4 units are just a bit too inexpensive. Expect some cost tuning on them in the near future.
- Greg Black, 14 June 2018


GDI Changes[]


  • Damage vs Infantry increased to 70 (was 65).

The Rhino was given a slight damage increase primarily to help against Flame Troopers.


  • Damage vs Infantry reduced to 15 (was 20)
  • Cost Increased to 130 (was 100)

Sandstorms, especially in pairs, are extremely efficient at killing enemy infantry due to their high rate of fire. This damage decrease versus infantry should make them much more vulnerable to being countered by Missile Squads and Laser Squads.

Zone Trooper[]

  • Cost Increased to 120 (was 100)

The Zone Trooper cost increase is part of a more general tier 4 unit cost increase.

Nod Changes[]


  • Cost increased to 110 (was 80)

Confessors are too efficient for cost, especially when paired up with Cyborgs.


  • Cost increased to 130 (was 100)

Cyborgs are arguably fine from a power standpoint but are far too easy to get out in large numbers late in the game. We will continue to monitor this guy closely.

Flame Trooper[]

  • Damage vs Vehicles reduced to 15 (was 20).
  • Health reduced to 280 (was 300)

Flame Troopers are very good right now in general but specifically against light vehicles. This nerf is intended to make them more vulnerable to things like Rhinos without impacting their utility against enemy infantry and structures too much. We feel like the Flame Trooper’s power is contributing to the dominance of Cyborg / Confessor comps.

Metagame Changes[]


We have made improvements to matchmaking that will help prevent high level players from matching with much lower level players. This may result in slightly longer wait times for players with high medal counts to find a match.

Unlocking Nod[]

This is an exciting part of the progression through C&C: Rivals, but right now, when players unlock The Brotherhood of Nod, their ability to level up units is far behind that of their GDI army. This change gives players the ability to quickly level their early Nod units. Below are the specific changes to the Nod Starter Crate:

General Economy[]

We have made slight adjustments to card drop rates to get them more inline with our progression goals.


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