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The 20 June 2018 patch for Command & Conquer: Rivals was the game's second official patch[1], which affected the game's balance but not the build number.


On 18 June 2018, game designer Greg Black announced the focus points of the patch.[2]

Hey, commanders!

It’s been a few days since our previous (and only) balance update, so I wanted to take you inside what we’re seeing and what we’re thinking about addressing:

-The GDI / Nod win-rate disparity has improved quite a bit but is still outside of what we think is acceptable.

-GDI Tech Lab starter epics are seeing roughly equal usage and win rates.

-Nod starter epics, unlike GDI, more clearly favor Cyborg. Expect some kind of minor Cyborg tweaks in the next balance update as a result.

-A lot of you are shaking your fist in the sky and yelling, “Orca!” Orca openers, while not impossible to scout or counter, are proving difficult for many players to deal with. We are considering ways to address this without punishing the Orca too much.

-Along with the Orca, some of the heavier air units are giving us pause. Inferno and Kodiak in particular have the potential to absolutely wreck players who aren’t preemptively building against them. However, those units haven’t been unlocked by large numbers of players yet, so we’re still gathering data.

-We are also considering some minor buffs for units that we feel are being underutilized, such as Venom, Talon and Pitbull.

-In addition to standard unit tuning, we’re also looking at the player levels where specific units unlock. Many of you are pointing out that unit counters exist, but you don’t have access to them until too late. (For example, unlocking the Sniper Team much earlier to help GDI deal with Cyborg / Confessor comps.)

Expect to see a balance update later in the week. It is our goal to work out a regular cadence to get you guys updates and balance updates. Thank you for all your feedback, this past week has been awesome and we can’t wait to see what you do with our next round of changes.

-Greg and the C&C: Rivals Combat Team
- Greg Black, 14 June 2018


GDI Changes


  • Reload time increased to 8 seconds (was 6 seconds)
  • Movement speed reduced to 8 (was 9.2)

Players are finding Orcas, and Orca openings pretty punishing and difficult to deal with. We have reduced it’s movement speed and reload time to help make it a bit easier to react to. We’ve also made some changes in other units to help them better counter Orca spam.


  • Health increased to 2200 (was 1800

This change will make it more likely for a Pitbull to survive an Orca volley.

Dr. Liang

The good Doctor is a bit underutilized. We feel his heal rate is pretty strong but it’s probably a bit too expensive to want to take over say, Strongarm’s turret.


  • Cost increased to 130 (was 110)

Missile Squad

  • Initial attack delay reduced to 0.1 seconds (was 1 second).
  • Attack separation delay reduced to 1.25 seconds (was 2 seconds)

These changes will make the Missile Squad much more reliable in terms of putting damage on high speed units like the Orca.


  • Initial attack delay reduced to 0.1 seconds (was 0.5 seconds).
  • Movement speed increased to 9.2 (was 6.9)

Nod Changes


  • EMP Effect duration reduced to 5 seconds (was 10)
  • EMP Weapon debuff effect reduced to 15% (was 20%)

We’re continuing to see the Cyborgs dominate the battlefield. This change will reduce their combat effectiveness but they’re still going to be pretty darn good. We will continue to monitor this guy closely.


  • Burrow time increased to 2 seconds (was 0.5 seconds)

This will allow players to deal a little more damage to the Rockworm before it scurries away underground.


  • Reload time increased to 12 seconds (was 10)
  • Cost Increased to 120 (was 100)

Laser Squad

  • Initial attack delay reduced to 0.1 seconds (was 1 second).
  • Attack separation delay reduced to 1.25 seconds (was 2 seconds)

These changes will make the Laser Squad much more reliable in terms of putting damage on high speed units like the Orca.


  • Turn rate increased to 500 (was 150)
  • Acceleration distance decreased to 2 (was 4)
  • Deceleration distance decreased to 1 (was 4)

This should make the Venom a bit snappier and quicker to react to enemy threats.

Attack Bike

  • Attack separation delay reduced to 0.1 seconds (was 1.66 seconds).

This will allow the Attack Bike squad to more quickly unleash a volley of rockets, which should promote and reward hit-and-run micro. As a side note: this idea came directly from the Rivals player community and we thought it so cool we wanted to test it right away. Thank you for your feedback and great suggestions!


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