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The Robot Tank is a hovering Allied unmanned combat vehicle in Yuri's Revenge.


The result of Allied research into propulsion technology, the robot tank is capable of hovering, allowing it to move over water. Being robotic in nature, it is immune to psychic powers, but also cannot gain veterancy. Also, it requires a Robot Control Center to function. If the Robot Control Center is destroyed or low on power, all Robot Tanks under its control will become disabled.

Game unit[]

Robot Tanks are interesting units, a highly mobile and cheaper version of the main battle tank fielded by the Allies. Among its notable distinctions were its ability to hover over water, which allowed them a great deal of flexibility, their powerful anti-tank gun not unlike that of the Grizzly Battle Tank, and an immunity to mind control afforded by their remote control, which made them invaluable in the fight against Yuri.

These peculiar units were often fielded as tank hunters; the combination of their armor-piercing gun and their ability to arrive nearly anywhere with little delay meant they excelled at this. These also made them capable of performing hit-and-run operations or ambushes. Their lower cost also allowed them to be fielded in larger numbers, and rather ironically attack heavier Soviet armor with Soviet-like mob tactics. Defensively speaking, they could provide much-needed anti-vehicle firepower to both ground and naval battlegroups, the latter of which could otherwise only rely on the thinly armored Dolphins and slow-firing Destroyers to ward off enemies.

This was not to say that they were perfect, however. Such mobility came at a price: the drone was stripped down to all but the essentials, and they were equipped with rather thin and light armor to keep its speed up. Their armor-piercing gun was also only effective against vehicles, and dealt minor damage at best against infantry - leaving crushing as the most ideal option against those vulnerable to it. However, they fared far better in groups. The Robot Tank also lacked antiaircraft weapons, and as such aerial units (even the light Rocketeer) could take them apart with impunity.

The Robot Tank's largest, and most curious, vulnerability was its reliance on a central control hub. Since each drone was minimally equipped to keep costs and weight down and ease of construction up, they interfaced with a central Robot Control Center in an on-site base to receive commands from an officer. If the Control Center ceased to function for any reason (low on power, damaged beyond repair, etc.), the connected tanks would also be put out of commission. While this was typically but a hindrance (once the Center's functionality was restored, so too would the tanks'), it provided a window of opportunity to enemies to destroy the defenseless vehicles. Those above water at the time of the shutdown would suffer a completely different fate, however: with their hover equipment failing, they would sink into the waters' depths, and were generally considered lost.

AI behavior[]

In skirmish, robot tanks controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

  • Easy: 4x, targeting vehicles
  • Medium/Hard: 6x, targeting vehicles


  • Yuri's Revenge patch 1.001: robot tanks emerging from war factories just as a robot control center is being destroyed will no longer be stuck on the edge of the war factory.



Veteran cameos are unused.

English French German Korean Chinese
YR Robot Tank Cameo CNCRA2YR Robot Tank French Cameo CNCRA2YR Robot Tank German Cameo CNCRA2YR Robot Tank Korean Cameo CNCRA2YR Robot Tank Chinese Cameo
YR Robot Tank Veteran Icons CNCRA2YR Robot Tank French Veteran Cameo CNCRA2YR Robot Tank German Veteran Cameo CNCRA2YR Robot Tank Korean Veteran Cameo CNCRA2YR Robot Tank Chinese Veteran Cameo


  • A graphical glitch appears when the Robot Tank is attacked by the Giant Squid when hovering over water. An obsolete beta animation of the squid's tentacles appears, which was made with the palette from Tiberian Sun, and as a result, plays in wrong colors in Red Alert 2. Also, it looks like it's damaging itself (sparking) when the control center has been sold, destroyed or captured.
  • Robot Tanks sink instead of exploding normally if destroyed by Giant Squids.
  • Much like the Mantis of Tiberium Wars, this entirely mechanical unit only responds to commands with beeps.
  • Rarely, a power-less Robot Tank will fail to sink when above water.
  • The Robot Tank's weapon was listed as "Short Range Rocket Pods" on the official Red Alert 2 website. Since it was named "Rocket Tank" on the concept art, it can be assumed that it was originally intended to fire rockets.

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