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This article is about Robotics in the Generals Universe. For Robotics in the Tiberium Universe, see Robotics (Tiberium). For Robotics in Red Alert Universe, see Robotics (Red Alert).

During the GLA War, the USA deployed various types of drones to provide battlefield support.

All USA ground vehicles, with the exception of the construction dozer and Sentry Drone, could be upgraded with a Scout Drone, Battle Drone, or Hellfire Drone. Each vehicle could only have a single drone assigned to it.

The Scout Drone was a stealthed reconnaissance drone tied to a parent vehicle. It was unarmed, but was equipped with advanced scanners which increased the sight range of the parent vehicle while revealing stealthed units.

The Battle Drone was a utility drone tied to a parent vehicle. It was armed with a light machine gun and could repair its parent vehicle.

The Hellfire Drone was an anti-tank drone tied to a parent vehicle, introduced in Zero Hour. It fired Hellfire missiles at enemy ground targets.

The Sentry Drone was a larger reconnaissance drone built from the War Factory. It was stealthed, had a large sight range, and was able to detect enemy stealth units. It could be upgraded with a 20mm autocannon, making it effective against enemy infantry (especially stealthed ones), as well as light vehicles.

The Spy Drone was a stealthed reconnaissance drone which was available with a Rank 1 General's Promotion. A single drone could be periodically deployed anywhere on the map, after which it remained in the area while providing sight radius and detecting stealth units.

The Drone Armor upgrade, available at the Strategy Center, increased the armor of all drones by 50%.