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Do not underestimate us, for we bear the wrath of heaven.
- Rocket Angel creed

Rocket Angels are elite flying infantry used by the Empire of the Rising Sun in Red Alert 3 and its expansion, Uprising.


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The result of an eight-year program at the Imperial Women's Warfare Academy to train elite female warriors, the Women's Elite Aerial Infantry Division, christened the "Rocket Angels" by Imperial public, was an all-female branch of the Empire's military. The program was initially controversial to many of the Empire's more-conservative subjects, requiring Crown Prince Tatsu himself to intervene.

Rocket Angels are equipped with advanced flightsuits, the latest in asynchronous thruster technology. Thanks to these suits, they need never touch the ground during battle (and in fact strictly prohibited from doing so by doctrine). They are armed with twin photon swarm-rocket pods deadly to both armored vehicles and heavily reinforced structures. They also possess a second, more insidious weapon - the paralysis whip, a flexible beam of high-intensity energy capable of disabling any ground targets.

Soon after their deployment, the Rocket Angels proved to be a resounding success, routing Allied Mirage tanks and Soviet Bullfrogs alike on the battlefields of Europe. Their speed and maneuverability led to the Allied battlefield truism "...the moment you see one of them [Rocket Angels], you're already dead, you're just too stupid to realize it."

Game unit

Rocket Angels are capable of attacking both air and surface units. Their rockets are effective against vehicles and structures, but less effective against infantry units. As with other Imperial units using rockets, the advanced rocket pods upgrade allows them to fire more rockets at once.

Their paralysis whip can disable surface units, both infantry and vehicle, preventing them from moving or using their weapons and special abilities. This can be used to disable anti-air units or prevent targets from escaping.

Despite being able to attack air units, Rocket Angels still cannot match air superiority fighters, and should avoid them if possible. Also, due to their flight suits, they are affected by the magnetic satellite protocol.





  • Rocket Angel, suited up!
  • Rocket Angel, fired up!
  • I'm the best man for the job!
  • All suited up!


  • Thrusters, check!
  • No man can best me!
  • Swarm pods check!
  • Unlimited ammo!
  • A little tight on the waist!
  • All fired up!
  • Just give me the signal!
  • Hm?
  • どこ行くんだよ? (Doko ikun dayo?, Japanese for "Where are you going?")


  • Boosters on!
  • High tailing it!
  • もちろん! (Mochiron!, Japanese for "Of course!")
  • Flying full throttle!
  • Will they find my match there?
  • Let's go angels!
  • Let’s fly!


  • Hungry for more?
  • Game over fool!
  • Anything goes!
  • You’re next!
  • Feeling neglected?
  • Here I come!
  • Watch out!

Using Paralysis Whip

  • Hold it right there!
  • Freeze!
  • Don't move, dirtbag!
  • Putting you on HOLD!
  • He's not going anywhere!

Moving to Attack

  • Bring it on, pop!
  • I won't go easy on them!
  • Here comes the cold shoulder!
  • Nothing a girl can't handle!
  • Let me handle this!
  • Now is my turn!
  • You ready for me?
  • 何かしゃべるよ? (Nanika shaberu yo?, Japanese for "Say something?")

In combat

  • What a bunch of losers!
  • You ready to quit?
  • I'm not through with you!
  • Can you stand it?
  • What a thrill!
  • 嫌いね! (Kirai ne!, Japanese for "How disgusting!")
  • This is fun!
  • Aww, did that hurt?
  • I'm tougher than you!
  • You think you're tough?!!
  • Think you can handle me?
  • 誰にも負けない! (Dare ni mo makenai!, Japanese for "I won't lose to anyone!")

Switching Paralysis Whip off

  • I'll let this one go!
  • We're letting 'em go?
  • Disengaging!
  • Releasing lock!

Under fire

  • Hey that ain't cool!
  • Watch it there!
  • I'm not afraid of a little bruise!
  • You’ll have to do better than that!
  • They scratched my suit!
  • Hey, that hurt!!

Shot down

  • NO!
  • 何?! (Nani?!, Japanese for "What?!")
  • Avenge me!
  • 痛い! (Itai!, Japanese for "It hurts!")


  • The Rocket Angel is one of only two air units in Red Alert 3 and Uprising that can target both air and ground units, the other being the Burst drone.
  • They are the only air unit that has a death scream and/or lines for every time one of them dies.
  • Rocket Angel is voiced by Minae Noji - an American-Japanese actress best known for the role of Karai in the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. She also played Roma Atani - mentat of House Ordos in Westwood's Emperor: Battle for Dune.



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