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The Rocket harvester is ZOCOM's exclusive Tiberium gatherer used during and after the Third Tiberium War.


Exclusive to GDI's ZOCOM branch, the rocket harvester has a rocket turret instead of the machine gun in the standard GDI harvester. The heavier weaponry is considered a necessity in the inhospitable red zones, where dangers such as attacking NodScrin and mutant forces are ever-present. The rocket can also serve as an anti-air weapon.

In-game unit

A harvester comes free of charge with every new refinery. It automatically starts searching for available Tiberium fields and collecting crystals before returning back to the refinery to have them processed. When lost, War Factories and Reclamator Hubs can build a new replacement.

ZOCOM Rocket Harvesters, reflecting heavy refinement efforts, are more densely armoured than their counterparts and carry a high-impact rocket laucher to fend off looters. These harvesters deal more damage to vehicles, but less to infantry. They can fire on enemy aircraft. Strangely, achieving Heroic status will grant the usual self-repair ability, but will half the fire rate of the rockets. The rockets will both fire in 0.5 seconds, but with a 7 second delay until the next firing



  • Ready to harvest!
  • Where's the crystal?
  • Rocket harvester, ready sir!


  • Combat harvester ready!
  • Hatch sealed.
  • Dangerous cargo!
  • These air filters working?
  • Ready to reclaim!
  • Loader ready!
  • Easy now!
  • Yes sir!
  • Everything set!
  • Careful!


  • We'll got work to do!
  • Let's take it here!
  • Moving!
  • Got it, commander!
  • Yes sir!
  • Gently now!
  • Okay!
  • Let's move it!
  • Rolling!
  • Oh right, let go!
  • Got that!
  • Copy, yes sir!

Return to Refinery

  • Ready to unload!
  • Returning to base!
  • Your heard the boss!
  • Return to docking station!
  • Heading back!
  • Good work, let's move out!


  • We'll take care of it.
  • Approaching Tiberium!
  • Ready the loader!
  • Your hear 'em!
  • Okay, here we go!


  • Cargo in danger!
  • We got looters!
  • Protect the yield!
  • Fire away!
  • Blast 'em!
  • They won't take us out!

Move to Attack

  • We're going in for attack!
  • Ready the missiles.
  • Keep your head up!
  • Attack systems engaged!
  • Watching our six.
  • Check the armour.

In combat

  • Hold 'em off!
  • Enemy engaged, sir!
  • Is this working?
  • Keep 'em away!
  • I think we got 'em!


  • Get 'em off our tail!
  • Hurry, we can lose 'em!
  • Outta here!
  • Backup!
  • Reurning to base!
  • Go!
  • We're out!



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