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Developed at the Air Field, Rocket Pods are fitted to Comanche helicopters. When deployed, a pod fires a barrage of rockets and then reloads after a short period of time.
- Generals manual(src)

The Rocket Pods upgrade is very useful for destroying large numbers of clustered tanks or enemy structures.

Game effect

How 'bout those rocket pods?!
- Commanche pilot

The upgrade installs pods which carry Hydra 70 unguided rockets on the Comanche's wings. The upgrade is researched at the USA Airfield. Comanches can fire multiple salvos from the same pod, given that it reloads within 1 minute. The rockets are unguided and hits friend and foe alike within range.

Rocket Pods can be used to quickly destroy structures, clustered units, base defenses (being especially effective against Stinger Sites), and moving units in certain choke points. There was no way for an enemy to stop a rocket barrage except to shoot down the helicopter or destroy the airfields of hostile American forces before it is researched.


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