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A Rocket-Propelled Grenade launcher was an anti-armor defense upgrade for the GDI component tower, used during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Conflict.

Game building[]

The RPG module could offer long range anti-armor bombardment defense. It was effective at holding not just Tick tanks and other armored threats at bay, but also infantry, which the RPG could kill in a few direct hits. While effective against most threats, RPG upgrades lacked the accuracy of the Nod Obelisk of Light. The turret shoots explosive shells that explode on impact, giving splash damage to anything within its blast radius.

The cost of the structure meant that GDI had to deploy them more carefully. They did suffer from minimum range disadvantage and inaccuracy, making it possible for Nod's Attack cycle to rush them, however GDI could pair these with Vulcan cannon upgrades to balance this weakness. Other disadvantages included that it would not function when the base was underpowered and it had no anti-air defense. Nod artillery made good answer to them alone.

They were eventually replaced with more accurate, less powerful, and lower tiered (but slightly more expensive) Guardian cannon.


  • In snow maps, the direction for the turret sprite is incorrectly aligned, making it appear as if the projectile is exiting the side panel rather than the actual openings. This oversight was never revised in any version of the game.

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