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I am master of explosives, general, you have NO defense against me!
- Juhziz, the GLA Demolitions General

General Rodall 'Demo' Juhziz was a GLA commander who specializes in explosives.


This 36 year old[1] bomb-maker of Middle Eastern ancestry is responsible for some of the most devastating terrorist attacks of the twenty-first century. General Juhziz and his organization have been tied to both the attack on the US Embassy in Cairo and the sinking of the USS Nelsen in 2012. Such bold strikes have drawn more supporters to his side, including bombers from many nations willing to sacrifice their lives for the causes of the GLA. General Juhziz lost the use of a hand in a bomb-making accident and rarely speaks to anyone outside of his own organization.[2]

Commanding the GLA Scorpion cell, 'Demo' Juhziz is a much-feared and very threatening opponent for the GLA's enemies.

USS Nelsen[]

The USS Nelsen was a US vessel of an unknown class. It was sunk by GLA General Rodall "Demo" Juhziz in 2012. This bold strike, along with Juhziz's attack on the US Embassy in Cairo in the same year, drew many supporters to his side, including bombers from many nations willing to sacrifice their lives for the causes of the GLA.



Juhziz commands a well-balanced and very effective force. Juhziz's specializes in creating high-yield conventional explosives, with a particular focus on single-use kamikaze units combined with the advantage of the GLA cost-effective speedy productions. With Demo Charges already provided to Rebels and the commando Jarmen Kell, his own Bomb Trucks, furthermore, now costs less and has thicker armor followed by the GLA's explosive-based units and superweapons now having higher destructive yields than their standard counterparts. Most of his ground units are strapped with explosives and each of them can be detonated on command, whereas his infantry will set themselves off when enemy vehicles attempt to ram them.

Conversely, Juhziz forgoes the importance of biological weapons, stealth equipment, and other underhanded tactics, evident with the absence of Hijackers and Saboteurs from his arsenal and the Toxin Tractors costing more to produce. This is not much of a deficiency, given his other advantages.

With broad capabilities and few weaknesses, the demolition general can adopt any number of strategies, from direct assault to superweapon duel. Additionally, the inherent destructiveness of Juhziz's units makes him formidable as an AI opponent, as he does not require complex management or strategies to be effective.





Demolitions expert. How can I help you?
All of my forces are packed with explosives. I wouldn't shoot at them if I were you.
- General Juhziz warning the player
General, I have a delivery for you. Sign for it, won't you?
Your base has been targeted for demolition.
Did your building just blow up? Hmm, I wonder how that happened?
General, you must see this. It's the BOMB!
HA HA HA! Your troops are falling into my traps, General. Soon they'll all be gone.
You are exceptionally lucky, General, but you cannot avoid my Demo Traps forever.
Hello Colonel Burton. Eh, try not to step on any traps *laughs*
- General Juhziz when the player train Colonel Burton
Black Lotus. Just because you can detect my traps, do not think that i'm now vulnerable.
- General Juhziz when the player train Black Lotus
Why would you send Jarmen Kell against me General?
- General Juhziz when the player train Jarmen Kell
You were lucky this time general, you could never beat me again!
- General Juhziz defeated by the player
You're cutting my men down before they could place their demolitions! That doesn't seem right does it, General?
- General Juhziz when a lot of his infantry are getting killed
Look how quickly the SCUD launcher destroys a building now. Just wait. It's amazing.
Now why do you want to build a Particle Cannon? We would just beginning to have fun, General.
- General Juhziz when the player builds a Particle Cannon
A SCUD Storm, I see. Well, perhaps this time to build one of my own.
- General Juhziz when the player builds a SCUD Storm
I wonder how many explosives it will take to destroy that Nuclear Silo. *laughs*
- General Juhziz when the player builds a Nuclear Missile
No no no, that Particle Beam will set off my explosives.
- General Juhziz when the player activates the Particle Cannon
Ah foolish move, General. Your SCUD Storm won't stop me.
- General Juhziz when the player launches a SCUD Storm
Nuclear Missile? Hmph, you will pay for this, General.
- General Juhziz when the player launches a Nuclear Missile
First all is silence then....BOOM!!! Ah, don't you just love it, General?
You fool. Do you know how many explosives are surrounding your men right now?
Ah yes. Capture that Oil Derrick, General. Then we'll have more to destroy *laughs*
- General Juhziz when the player captures the Oil Derrick
General, why do you want that Artillery Platform?
- General Juhziz when the player captures the Artillery Platform
Good General, capture the Oil Refinery. They blow up so dramatically.
- General Juhziz when the player captures the Oil Refinery
Get out of my base, General. This whole area is wired with explosives, and I'm not afraid to use them!
- General Juhziz when his base is under attack
I have some surprises for you, General. Why don't you come out and play?
I rarely attack, you should feel honored.
Not my War Factory! General, this annoying habit you've developed cannot continue!
- General Juhziz when the player destroys his Arms Dealer
My troops are coming to assault your base, make them feel welcome.
You may have defeated me, General. But Deathstrike will avenge me.
- General Juhziz after the player defeats him, showing he is loyal to Mohmar 'Deathstrike'

Generals Challenge[]

General Rodall Juhziz was not included in the General Challenge, therefore, if the player choses to playas the Demolitions General, they have to beat all of the generals that are in the Challenge. The same goes for General Shin Fai, though both generals' audio files were included in the game.

His Challenge is included in the game files, but only playable using mods that incorporate it like Shockwave, Progen mod, and Nproject, as it lacks scripts and triggers. The map is largely open desert terrain roughly bisected by a ravine, with numerous booby-trapped buildings and heavily mined open spaces. Most of Juhziz' structures are ensconced in the southeast corner.

It is unknown as to why his challenge was removed, though some speculate that it was due to time constraints during the game's development.


  • Although he is not faced in the General Challenge, according to his sound files, he referred to his Arms Dealer as a War Factory. He said: "Not my War Factory! General, this annoying habit you developed cannot continue!" suggesting his Arm Dealer was to be replaced with a War Factory of some kind.
  • Despite the fact that he has supposedly lost the use of a hand, he uses both in his Generals Challenge images. The left on the selection screen and the right on his defeat screen.
  • It is unknown if the name "Rodall Juhziz" is intended to represent an actual Arabic name or was merely created as a joke (similar to Ta Hun Kwai), but the nearest real Arabic name that resembles his is (Raad al-Aziz =راد العزيز ).


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