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RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Yuri's Revenge and might contradict canon.
Premier Romanov has been shot down by Yuri's forces. We must locate the Premier and take him to the airport so he can be rescued. Yuri has built a tough defense around the airport that we need to eliminate before the Premier's rescue can be secure.
- Mission briefing

Romanov on the Run is the fourth mission of the Soviet campaign in Yuri's Revenge.


Following the Soviet and Allied victory in England from Yuri's psychic menace, Premier Romanov takes a plane back to Moscow from London.

Suddenly along the way in the air across Morocco, Romanov was caught in danger and crashed his plane in the Sahara Desert, one of the world's largest deserts. Lt. Zofia tells the Soviet Commander to find their leader in Morocco before Yuri does.

Since Morocco was a close country to Soviet Libya, the Soviet Commander was able to acquire the Demolition Truck.

Force Composition[]

Due to the important nature of the mission, the Soviet Union sent in a powerful force. Several legions of the Soviet's best Apocalypse Tanks had been called in to storm the desert. Meanwhile legions of fresh Conscripts poured in to garrison buildings in the city. Several Tesla Tanks and Demolition Trucks also took part in the battle. These forces were stationed at a base which, once Romanov was found, had access to an Iron Curtain. While all this was going on, Lt. Zofia was working hard to find nearby forces in the area.

However, Yuri hadn't spared any expense either. He had deployed hundreds of his initiates to destroy the enemy base, along with several Lasher and Gattling Tanks. He also had two new units: the Brute and Yuri Clones. These were stationed at two bases in the area. He also had patrols in Morocco in an attempt to dominate the city and find Romanov.

Key Units/Buildings[]


  • Locate Premier Romanov before Yuri's troops do.
  • Destroy the base guarding the airport.


Yuri's forces have captured the only airport in the area even now they search for our leader. You must find the Premier before the enemy does.
- - Zofia, telling the Soviet veteran about the airport.

At the start of the mission, you have 8 Conscript soldiers, 4 Rhino Tanks and a Soviet MCV. He is also informed of the garrisoned buildings to the north. As the player takes command of the base, he is informed of the Brute, the strongest unit that Yuri has that can destroy tanks easily.

Building the War Factory will trigger the construction of Demolition Trucks, one of the key units to successfully finish this mission as stated in the mission briefing.

To locate Premier Romanov, use your Spy Plane to examine the buildings east of your base. The Premier is eating in a building known as Rick's Place. Build a Flak Track, take it to the location and wait for the Premier to get out. If Yuri's forces arrived at Rick's Place before you do, a Yuri Clone will appear controlling Romanov in a cell near the airport. Eliminate the clone and rescue the Premier.

This will trigger another building, the Iron Curtain, another key structure to successfully complete this mission which the player will use most of the time in the garrisoned structures. Pump out Demolition Trucks, use the Iron Curtain's ability to be invulnerable from any attack including mind-control, and take them to the garrisoned buildings for them to destroy.

If the buildings are cleared from Yuri's forces, take the Demolition Trucks in the center of the map, use again the Iron Curtain and destroy the Psychic Towers. Use Tesla Tanks or Apocalypses to destroy the remaining buildings. Once it is cleared, take the Flak Track to the airport so that the Premier will be safely evacuated by an Allied Nighthawk Transport.


  • Since the place is a desert, you expect to find few resources. Luckily, the enemy (Yuri) never used slave miners in this mission placing this in your advantage. However, the player might want to watch out for Lasher Tanks to destroy the War Miners.
  • At the start of this mission, send the 8 Conscripts toward the small city near Yuri's base and garrison the two towers. This will stop most of the constant stream of infantry coming for your base, as well as the Lasher Tanks coming for your War Miners. You can stop the entire stream of infantry by placing Conscripts in the building directly above the left tower. After placing infantry in the right tower, destroy the empty building next to the building with Yuri's infantry, since they will garrison the building otherwise and destroy the right tower.
  • Capture the oil derricks north and east of your base. Fortify them with town walls, Tesla Coils, and a Battle Bunker.
  • Destroy or capture the secondary Yuri base north of your position. Use Apocalypse Tanks and Engineers, respectively.
  • Reinforcements of Desolators and Crazy Ivans will be called if the player waits long enough.
    • A similar thing happens to Apocalypse Tanks and Rhino Tanks.
    • Another similar thing happens to Apocalypse Tanks and Attack Dogs.
  • Fortify the base with Battle Bunkers and Tesla Coils powered with Tesla Troopers in all sides. Yuri's forces always sneak to a location where no defenses are set.
  • You may also race to garrison building in the city. This can be done with conscript rushes early. Do not despair over Yuri's forces as mass deployment can overwhelm it. It will provide more breathing space and a secured area to deploy V3's.
  • If Yuri's forces arrive first in Rick's Place, you must save Romanov from a Yuri Clone. It is easier if you use the Iron Curtain on the clone and rush a Flak Track to the Premier's cell. But first, eliminate all Yuri's forces near the bridge.
  • But if you are too late to rescue Romanov on Rick's Place, you can find him near the Airport, guarded by a Yuri Clone.
  • Instead of a plane, a red Nighthawk Helicopter will fetch Romanov.
  • Send a Flak Track accompanied by a Terror Drone to fetch Romanov. The Track will transport Romanov to the base quickly. The drone is to kill any Yuri Clone that attempt to mind control the Track or Romanov. Be aware that the drone treats mind controlled units as enemies. This means that if Romanov is mind controlled, the drone will not hesitate to eliminate him.
  • The mission will fail if the Premier is killed.
  • It is possible to clear this mission within the par time by using War Miners to attack the base around the Air Port as they cannot be mind controlled and only take noticeable damage from the Lasher Tanks. Use a few V3 Rocket Launchers to destroy the buildings occupied with Yuri's forces and the Gattling Towers guarding the base. The War Miners will easily kill any infantry unit crossing the bridge and will automatically heal any damage it may sustain from Yuri's Lasher Tanks.


Romanov was quickly returned to Moscow and the Soviets could finally focus on attacking Yuri. Meanwhile, any forces that could be salvaged by Yuri were sent to the South Pacific. It had been a major loss, but there were still more forces and more plots to try. Despite this, the Soviets now had the upper hand. 


  • This is the only Soviet mission in both Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge to have two key units instead of three.
  • This is one of the two missions in Yuri's Revenge that involves the rescue of a key character; the counterpart in the Allied campaign is Tomb Raided.
  • If Premier Romanov has been mind-controlled by Yuri's clones, Romanov's destination is below Yuri's northeastern base.
  • Although Premier Romanov can be mind-controlled by a Yuri Clone, he cannot be mind-controlled by a Psychic Tower.



Zofia's assessment of the battlefield
Yuri taunting Romanov
Romanov at Rick's Place
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