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Rome was the capital city of Italy, and an important historical site, both in terms of Western history, and the more recent history of Tiberium.


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The Roman Empire had been the dominant force in Europe for almost half a millenium. However, the city eventually fell to barbarians and the Empire collapsed in the late Fifth Century.

During the Middle Ages, Rome was the seat of power for the Catholic Church, as well as an important site for the Holy Roman Empire. In the Fourteenth Century, Rome was the seat of the Renaissance.

Eventually, in the 1861, Italy was reunited, with Rome becoming it's capital. After being on the victorious Allied Powers during World War I, Italy faced economic disaster. This desperation led to a fear of Socialist revolution, similar to that of the USSR paving the way for an anti-communist, fascist dictatorship, led by Benito Mussolini to be instated in 1922. However, by the Second World War, Mussolini's dictatorship collapsed, and Mussolini himself was gunned down by an Italian Partisan.

Tiberium universe[]

Italy became a Republic, and experienced prosperity as a G8 nation, until 1995. That year, the extraterrestrial mineral Tiberium fell to Earth, landing in the Tiber River, close to Rome. Though the world at first was awestruck by the immense possibilites of Tiberium, it soon became clear that the material was lethal to human life, and spreading rapidly, exacerbating the situation with the terrorist superpower, the Brotherhood of Nod. Despite a GDI victory in the First Tiberium War, the spread of Tiberium soon led to the abandonment of Rome.

By 2047, the city was the center of a desolate wasteland, the largest Red zone on the planet. Warped into something unrecognizable as Earth, Rome was one of the sites that the Scrin chose to build their Threshold towers. Immense in scale, a daring GDI raid led to the tower's destruction. (see also Battle of Rome)


To note, both the Nod leader Kane, and a civilian scientist Ignatio Mobius have claimed to have first discovered Tiberium. Kane claims to have named it after the ancient Roman Emperor Tiberius, the successor of Augustus. Mobius claimed to have named it after the Tiber River, where Tiberium made planetfall, and where the city of Rome was founded.

Red Alert universe[]

Third World War (third iteration)[]

Italy, like many other countries on continental Europe, were overrunned by the Soviets. In a BCN news report prior to the invasion on Brighton Beach, the Colosseum in Rome was shown hanging a Soviet flag.

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