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Ruin and Reunion is the last mission of Yuriko's campaign in Uprising.[1]


While Yuriko headed back to the Research Center to confront Shimada after laying waste to Camp Dakota last mission, News3 speculated as to how the detention center where the psychic girl was imprisoned was massacred and utterly destroyed with no trace as to who done it.

Meanwhile, Yuriko reached Japan and had a heart of revenge to personally bring Shimada to ruin and rescue Izumi...


(Note: This walkthrough assumes Hard difficulty.)

Your starting position is surrounded by Imperial warriors. Immediately move left and use the Psychokinetic Burst, which should kill all warriors on the left. Use Psychic Domination on the group to the north to create some distractions, then finish off the rest. Once enough warriors are killed, the rest will switch to katanas and charge you. The katanas can kill you very quickly, so access the nearby terminal (Damage Report). The resulting Psionic Shield will reflect the damage and kill the remaining warriors.

Once all the Imperial warriors are killed, four doors leading to different sections of the facility will open, each leading to a Shiro elevator. Shimada will attempt to stop Yuriko by destroying the first three elevators, so all four sections must be cleared to reach him. They can be completed in any order.

Detention & Duplication Quadrant

The first intersection is defended by a Defender-VX and a Steel Ronin, activate your shield and destroy them. To the southeast is a psychic inhibitor, which will nullify all your psionic talents while you are within its radius, destroy it. After proceeding down the corridor, you will find some patrolling Tankbusters. Do not enter the room filled with ore to the southeast: it is filled with Imperial ore collectors, which can kill you very quickly if you are not prepared. Instead, proceed northwest.

You will soon see a large gathering of Imperial infantry. Stay away from the explosive barrels, which can quickly drain your health. To the northwest, you will find Izumi's old cell with a terminal (Escape Plan) inside. Continue northwest to find a Shiro elevator. To the northeast, there is a large group of Shinobi near a trauma station, kill them with your psychokinetic burst. Further northwest is a vehicle elevator protected by two Tsunami tanks, destroy them.

Near the vehicle elevator is a door which opens automatically when Yuriko approaches, revealing four Steel Ronins and a terminal (Buying in Bulk). Activate your shield and destroy them, or run past them to activate the terminal. The cell just southeast of the terminal room contains a little girl. However, if Yuriko approaches her, two Sudden transports will reveal themselves and unload infantry, and the girl will be instantly killed. Instead, enter the room right next to it, behind the trauma station. Inside is an undefended terminal (Off the Charts).

Proceed down the hallway to return to the central room. Beware of the Mecha Tengus rising from the hole near the corners. Once you return to the central room, you will be attacked by a large group of Rocket Angels. Either kill them with your psychokinetic burst or mind control them.

Security & Administration Sector

Oni Testing & Coronation Chambers

Nanotech Laboratories

Secret Files

RA3U Damage Report Icon.png
Damage Report - "Looks like an old invoice concerning the damage I caused the last time I was here. So many billions of yen... But still they dared to rebuild this place."

Escape Plan

Buying in Bulk

Off the Charts


Opening video


  • Somewhere in the stage is a padded cell with a young girl inside. If Yuriko enters the room, a group of Shinobis will appear, kill the girl, and attack Yuriko. Presumably, the girl was another test subject.
    • The girl's model reuses Yuriko's model from Final Exam.


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