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S.H.R.I.N.K. Z.O.N.E. is a side challenge for Commander's Challenge.

Having a rest after defeating all three Imperial shogunates during a Battle Royale competition, the Futuretech Commander is up against Allied Co-Commander from the Your Gold Mine Has Collapsed challenge, Lydia Winters. Kelly Weaver tells the Commander that her latest technology is a Cryocopter which can freeze a group of enemy forces coming in any direction. Also, it reveals that the SHRINK Beam the helicopter fires is from the Netherlands, home to the main FutureTech organisation and that chopper itself is from Great Britain. The Cryocopter was given to FutureTech after a test was made and the helicopter, itself was born.


The FutureTech Commander is sent by his boss, Kelly Weaver to steal the Cryocopter from British national, Lydia Winters who has only one base held in Greenland. The Commander arrives there, knowing that Lydia has shrink beams in her helicopters to shrink all of the Commander's units and structures in the area. The Commander manages to push through, shooting down all of the Cryocopters and defeating Lydia to her exact shock of determination. The Commander heads back to Amsterdam to see Kelly Weaver's result of his battle against Lydia Winters. His next challenge takes place in Iceland where it was the former home of the Von Esling Airbase that was once attacked by the Soviets during their final campaign against Western Europe under the failing Allied Forces.


  • All units, except Nanocores, are permanently SHRINKed in this challenge.
  • Infantries cannot garrison civilian buildings or enter transport.
  • For some reasons, War Bear, Attack Dog, Harbinger Gunship, Sudden Transport and Giga Fortress are locked in this challenge.
  • The starting Construction yard is the only Construction yard that returns to its normal size after Pack Up and re-Unpack. All other MCV, as well as Sputnik, Prospector and Reaper is still shrunk after turn into a building.
  • As Nanocores remain unaffected by the SHRINK effect, the Imperial arsenal is recommended for this mission. One Nanocore can be used to crush enemy's infantries and vehicles, while other Nanocores are deployed into Dojos to produce Engineers to capture the enemy's buildings.
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