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CnCTD PS cover.jpg The following is based on the missions of Tiberian Dawn PlayStation edition and might contradict canon.
You have just been laid off without a month's pay from Weirdis. Your former bosses have hired the Frankekiiii mercenaries to protect them. You and eleven other former employees are to build a base and wipe them out!
We have made special modifications to your Orcas to aid you in your quest for justice.

- Mission briefing

S3cr3t M1ss10n (also known as "PATSUX") is a mission introduced in the PlayStation version of Command & Conquer.[1] It was ported to Command & Conquer: Remastered. On the Playstation version, the mission was originally unlocked with the secret mission password "PATSUX".

The Orca has been modified in this mission to be armed with the laser from the Obelisk of Light.

Behind the scenes

The "Weirdis" company mentioned in the briefing is most likely a reference to Westwood Studios, and the "Frankekiiii mercenaries" are an obvious reference to Frank Klepacki, and the fact he voiced the Commando in the game. Given the fact that the AI base has no scripting and no means of production, and that the laser-equipped Orca fighters are outrageously powerful, the mission as a whole has little challenge, and is obviously not to be taken seriously.


C&C Gold 1.06 playthrough
S3cr3t M1ss10n


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