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Shall I push the button?
- Scud Launcher leaving the Arms Dealer

The SCUD Launcher is GLA's artillery vehicle during the GLA Conflict. It is the GLA's most advanced long-range weapon.

Game Unit[]

The SCUD Launcher is a lightly armored siege unit that engages its targets at range with devastating ballistic missiles. The missile's payload can be switched between a bio-chemical warhead or a high-explosive warhead, as the situation requires.

SCUD Launchers share the common weaknesses of most siege units: they are relatively poorly protected, slow, and difficult to maneuver. Unable to defend themselves at close range, they require escorts at all times. The missiles themselves can be destroyed by Point Defense Lasers, Stinger Sites, Patriots and their variants, and ground-based Gattling Cannons. Their guidance systems can be misdirected by ECM Tanks. Unlike Tomahawks, fired missiles cannot pursue moving targets post-launch.

Prince Kassad, who prefers stealth tactics, does not have access to mobile Scud Launchers.


Dr. Thrax[]

  • SCUD Launcher only has Anthrax Warhead missiles.
  • Automatically uses Anthrax Beta and can be upgraded further.
  • Anthrax Gamma upgrade gives a +25% increase to toxin damage. Can devastate most units and vehicles but is ineffective against structures.

Rodall Juhziz[]

  • SCUD Launcher only has High Explosive Warhead missiles.
  • When attacking the Chinese Overlord tank, the Overlord is left with only 25% health.




SCUD launcher, poised to strike!
- Scud Launcher


In Zero Hour, the SCUD Launcher can be upgraded from the salvaged parts of destroyed enemy vehicles, improving its range and firepower. When fully refitted, it surpasses all other artillery in terms of destructive power, including the nuke cannon.





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